Day 798: ‘Used by You’ (The Past Part)

With permission given we take advantage of living under the thumb of another in a way, that may or may not be in the best interest of others, ‘May’ because of the support you each get from one another, the ability to sound off, rant and rave into a board that initially accepts you for venting purposes, as long as the correction is then taken place, ‘May not’ when nit picking comes into play, the thinking and creating something out of nothing, that we all have experienced at some point in our lives, being on both ends, but a learning lesson and nothing to ‘ride home about’, thing is with nothing said, creates a dead space in between the two, that opens the door for thinking that one or the other is being ‘used by you’, but not the case, in some cases, we’ve just allowed our mind to step into the place where we were supposed to take the opportunity to create and live the understanding of who each other is.

Often time niceness is used as a door way to spitefulness when the rights we give another is taken advantage of, like a succulent pig licking it’s chops, because of finding a weak spot in the bone that holds no marrow and carefully chew on words that hurt, purposefully, then try nursing the other back to feeling good, by offering none less than a way given, which is usually sex, and I hate to say it, when this is not about you, but in the sense of experiencing it in relationships of my past, and money works to, to keep the friendship going, until the money runs out and so do you, I mean when is the last time this has been a topic of discussion, without fussing and cursing somebody out about it.

Almost never in a way, when almost never is the case, living relationships/friendships in oneness and equality, that’s undoubtedly a problem solver and dissolver of spite, when the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be dimming, and swimming in sorrow for NOTHING, when no thing has put us there but the idea of loss, fear of loss to be exact, when losing in this case is your best bet, I mean I’ll lose him or her, when the ready player one become an abuser and use usury in this case to get their rocks off, which is then reserved for the next episode, without me in it.

Addicted decisions, cause for gullibility, when adding diction to the equation, what’s not realized is the actual definition of who we are in the moment of panting for acceptance, then ranting when not receiving it, stating ‘I’ll do anything’ and that part right there is the trap that slaps us into a cage of submission with no bars, but freely given with a mission to someday get even Steven, but why did they use his name as a fall guy?

When the fall is ever so graceful, best conceived it was premeditated and waited upon for the right time to slip, then take some pills to fall asleep again and wake up in the morning without making a sound, tippy toing around, because if the other wakes up all hell is will break loose, (As it seems) that’s why First Shift is in high demand, because I rather deal with the world system instead of a morning mind, in the morning, because I can find solace thinking on my own, without being used as a verbal punching bag, because the other had a punchy dream, and wanted to use me as the medium or go between.

Another thing, although the house is clean, it’s not clean enough when things are not put back in the right spot, that often times changes when you’ve done all the work, in hopes that a perk could soon be in order, that’s an interesting quirk within a relationship, and too late to talk about when the mind sets in, but again, if you’ve faced it then own it as a component for building a healthy relationship with another, that’s cause for a healthy interaction with others, and a main component within a successful relationship, and if this makes you mad don’t take it out of another, because I once felt guilty for doing the same thing, that didn’t solve anything and made things worse, that would be a curse for anything New one is attempting to start.

To be continued….


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