Day 795: Big Brother/Little Brother, Big Sister/Little Sister

Trading places and spaces in the revitalization of one another, shows no partiality to age, and hey, being big is not the End all to be all, we all have been little in a sense of size, but big with the lies that was told, that all wisdom comes with age and when you get old, and gray hear is just a powered wig created by the thoughts you think, and the thoughts you think is not who you really are, because there’s nothing new under the stars that hasn’t been thought out and done before, it’s just the first time we’ve caught wind of it, because all the times before, we let it pass us in the wind, by thinking we know more than what we really do, and do nothing about being told what we really need to know.

They say each one teach one, we’ve created to be an Adult’s job, then teach our children that life has to be hard, then part ways knowing our kids know how to survive, but stripped them from their innate essence of what it means to be alive, it’s as if we thrive on telling others what they need to do, without correcting ourselves on what we need to do, and won’t hear it coming from someone younger that you, unless they has more money than you, then that kid is smart, we should all listen to them, but if it was anything else we wouldn’t listen to them, and tell them who they think they talking to, don’t you know I’m quite a bit older than you, that doesn’t really matter, because what we each know holds weight, so why wait to learn from your own mistakes, when your younger brother or sister saw something that you chose to forsake, and tried to awaken you to look at it from their perspective.

Help comes in all different shapes and sizes, in the sense of Here – Equally with the Little – People to, that’s H.E.L.P. you may not get from someone older than you, that I’ve been “helped” my whole life by adults, and most of the time didn’t under stand the Adults, like who are these people and what planet are they from, because as it seems they’re not interested in my Fun, or well-being to be a happy go luck kid, and when I was happiest what when I was playing with kids, who taught me how to be happy all the time, that I then lost by being in my mind when I grew older and superficial things made me happy and forgot about really learning a thing.

But man, have times changed in more ways than one, where being set in my way was no more fun, and so found myself looking for the how I’ve gotten myself here, and low and behold I found the reason for being here, through listening to a 19 year old kid who shook my world apart, and from that moment my process started and most every thing I’ve learned has come from a little brother or sister, that originally spawned a blister of resistance within me, until the bubble I lived in happen to burst, and immersed myself back into playing with the cool kids.

But wait, this is not to say that being older or younger is an estranged thing, because age essentially is the actual length of time, months/years one has walked/lived a certain way/point/experience, that makes them able to assist you in your endeavors, no matter how old they are, through the sharing of their experiences and realization – makes those that has gone before us, older Or younger than you.

Maybe this world would have been a different place if the big brothers and sister, listened more to the little brothers and sisters, but who has time for what ifs, if we take the time to leave nothing unheard on either end, that could change the way we all live in this world, that makes cooperation and collaboration a normal thing and the relationships we have a more substantial thing, I mean the potential we have when living Oneness and Equality, promotes for a healthy lifestyle for all life here on Earth, if the mission is to birth ourselves into life from the physical, then I’ll listen and anyone who has something substantial to share and say, and follow suit. As we are all a work in Progress.

Thanks for reading.

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