Day 791: Anger (The Good/Bad/Ugly)

A cancer-causing expression that’s expressed when you can’t see ‘in direction’ a way out of a situation you’re in, and then suppress it, except when you express anger when in danger of having to change your expression to suit someone else’s lesson about an Ego.

Then it’s that Damn-Anger that equalize the situation for the stranger to see straight and erase the façade they’re hiding behind, and it’s fine because I’ve been there before, but now remind myself of a time in my life when things didn’t go right, like now, lol, but hell we love to rebel against ourselves, some would call our intuition, with a mission to royally fuck things up, and it sucks after being screamed at, that was needed to shake up our beingness to the core, then wipe my eyes and realize I’ve been asleep on the floor this whole time, in a mind that ignores you when you ask, what am I doing here.

But don’t hear what you’re asking ‘Here’ that pierces the reality of always being Nowhere with a faint glare of wanting to be figured out. As the frustration ensues that oozes through your pore, with a restricted chest we start to shake profusely, that ignites the fuse to a verbal time bomb into using our lips ever so loosely, it’s amusing to see how we abuse the opportunity to communicate ever so effectively, then run out of breath with no energy left and want to sleep the rest of the day away.

You couldn’t pay for a better moment to own it and take responsibility for the anger within, and if in sin we were born and raised in iniquity, I quit the point of being mad to preserve my sanity. Being Mad is like Making an Arrangement with the Devil inside, and it’s the Devil inside we’ve connected to our mind, and it’s out minds we hide behind and let destroy our lives, and it’s out lives that we push aside in a moment of rage, and it’s the rage we let playout in a moment of dismay, and it’s the dismay that’s an array of emotions and feeling, but if we erase the array, then we can start living, that’s hard to explain when we don’t like listening, and listening is the key to making informed decisions that’s missing when we decide to perpetuate anger, and anger is a premeditated act upon a stranger, or a family member, a partner a friend or a foe, and most times the friend or foe is someone you hold close, and near to you that’s in no way afraid of you, so we perpetuate anger because we’re afraid of them, afraid of what they may say in the wrong setting, around other people that don’t know me like that, and that’s when we really start to get mad, claiming that you hurt my feeling.

There’s a million ways to get angry, but only one way to stop, cold turkey that’s a perky idea of withdraw, for those of us addicted to the shock and awe of energy, that’s mentally and physically draining to say the least, where our lease of a life will soon expire if we keep, on playing with the fire of desire that would lead to putting our hand on someone, which in fact is a slapping your own self in the face, and fall from the grace that life has given, and live in fear for the rest of your life.

You might experience anger when things don’t go right and that’s where the blame factor comes in cocktailed with spite, that is until we realize and become aware of our faults in life, do we erase the blame and wanting to fight, but interesting how we then turn the anger towards self, stating, f*** man I really just did this to myself, that’s a cocktail of disaster when we react to it, especially because we know better then to react to it, but still do that creates more consequences for self, I mean anger is one of the deadliest weapons when perpetuated towards self, and it can kill me we exacerbate the use there of, and love when someone else reacts to our anger, as a point of them feeling the same mental pain, which is on a default setting that’s connected to your brain, and everytime it goes off we begin to be lame in the attempt to get our point across.

Nobody likes the ‘nice guy’ character, an ‘uncle tom’ or even a ‘yes man’, but yes man they experience anger too, especially when they’ve suppressed it for so long, and when it comes out everything goes wrong, because it’s used as a justification for being so positive, then hate everybody for being so negative, and hate the world for being the way it is, and this is how we’ve created a world like this, full of hate and a lot of anger, that makes human-being a danger to our own kind.

To be continued…

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