Day 788: Turn the other Cheek (Another Perspective)

Interesting how this statement fits in so many aspects of our lives, where most have defined in a hitting abusive way and one is supposed to walk away from conflict, fights, to be the better person/man, but then when one gets hit on the other side of the cheek, everything goes right out the window, lol, I mean I have defined it as such when first hearing this growing up, and didn’t understand it, thinking this is a cowardly act, to walk away after being hit, and so question the statement as improper, but improper it was for me to define this statement as such, impromptu believing things without investigating the true meaning behind them for myself.

Now, you can’t read another person’s mind but you can somewhat direct an action being perpetuated towards you, where in some cases a ‘re ‘action is in order to prevent further actions from being done unto you, without reacting to it, but simply looking out for the well-being of self, you, you and me, me, in which case we are turning the other cheek on the acceptance of abuse being done unto us, and so in our world in the long run, by not allowing it to happen anymore in any form towards life, I mean I can’t go for that, and I’m sure you won’t either.

But a calculated, premeditated response to a response that haven’t been perpetuated towards one, the mind takes and manifest a situation for us to see the nature of our thoughts, meaning we at times sit around and think, ‘what if this, that or the other happens’ and when it do, we then say to ourselves or others “See, I knew this would happen, just like I thought it would”, and in this case, turning the other cheek is on the abdicating responsibility for the thoughts we think and so manifest consequence for us to walk through.

Next you have things that comes up, in relations to seeing something gruesome, or horrid, then say ‘I don’t want to see that, because it’s too gruesome’ and turn the other cheek away from how we are allowing horrific things to take place in our world and reality and on this planet, while sadly thinking those people are crazy, but we are the craze one behind it all, for lazily turning the channel to something more positive, thinking that if I just stay in my little bubble I’m fine, then find crime in your own neighborhood and wonder why.

It’s obvious that turning the other cheek can refer to many things, but what I’ve seen within myself is interesting, where when doing things throughout my day random thoughts come up that I do see but don’t follow, that then turn into reactive ones, meaning being filtered through the deep dark secrets of my mind and presented back to me, like “Look at Here”, that I quickly, literally turn the other cheek and lower my head with a frowned up face in disgust at what I just seen, to not see what had just taken place in the picture room in my mind, and say NO, Stop, that only makes it worst, because I’ve then just given more attention to it, now being aware of the pre automation that goes on within and as me, I react to it, instead of immediately correcting it, that has become a pattern I’ve coined within myself, therefore correction is needed, so.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the phrase turning the other cheek, in the sense of being the better man and walking away from conflict, abuse, that I obviously had part in creating for myself and the other to experience, then would veil my participation within it, by walking away and leaving the situation open ended, and whenever it escalated I would feel vindicated for responding with aggression, because I walked away first, and people saw it, which was obviously an antagonizing, manipulative act, towards the other person, that held consequences for the both of us to walk through, even if I didn’t initiate it, but perpetuated the prolonging of it, we’re still at fault which is the part we most overlook thinking our action/reactions are validated, but not, we’ve just turned the other cheek on accepting our own point of blame in the matter, that gifts to us a moment of correction, thing is will we take it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how I have turned the other cheek on many of responsibilities in my life, thinking things would pan out in the long run, such as and most importantly, the random thoughts that comes up in my mind, that I don’t initially follow and leave them to be filtered through the deepest dark secret parts of my mind, to be presented back to me, like “Look at here”, then literally turn the other cheek and lower my head with a frown on my face, to not see what came up in the picture room of my mind, but just said NO, Stop to it, that would only make it worse, because I’ve then just given more attention to it, instead of immediately correcting it in the moment of occurrence.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize how I have disregarded moments of opportunities of correction to look at/face and correct all parts of me, that I thought to be too gruesome for me to look at, and/or not able to correct, and by turning the other cheek towards it, I would create consequences for myself to walk through.

And so, when and as I see myself having something to come up within and as me, and that something being something I need to look at and face in the moment, because it’s bringing out a reaction in me, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that my reactions are acts of validating how I need to correct things in my life, that turning the other cheek would only perpetuate and suppress it even more inside me, causing pain and other un-natural physical occurrences whatever they may be, from loss of energy/depression/stress and anger, to mention a few, therefore; I commit myself to no longer accepting and allowing myself to keep turning the other cheek on prominent things in my mind that needs my immediate direction through introspection, but instead to ‘horse with reins” myself to face it head on/ look at it and correct it, in the moment of occurrence, that way I don’t create any more unwarranted consequences for myself, adding onto what I’m already facing, and within that, I commit myself to turn the other cheek from being complacent and staying within any problem that I face, to moving towards correcting the face front I presented to others and myself as me.

Thanks for reading, and this can be applied in your own life as need, as I am applying it in mine, on the journey to unlocking the potential I know exist within and as me, to be brought out and expressed as an expression of me, that all starts with self-correction.

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