Day 787: Social Media (Perspective)

The medium between being here with me and out there with them, in a mind that allows you to travel without moving a physical muscle, but muscle around the brain power it takes to react to what you see, that’s scripted when you subscribe to a world full of thoughts gone wild and everybody wants to be a ready player one, in a world that’s not quite ready for one to stand up and take responsibility for the way the world is today, and today just might be the anomaly of change for that one to realize themselves when seeing the world in the way we church the internet.

All massing to one spot to feed our minds with fallacious accounts of connecting with one another in the passing of time away, away for a momentary possession encapsulated by characters we know best, begets the demand for human interaction, that takes a fraction of the time it takes to type in what you want to see/hear and/or read about, what someone else has done, in a space bar that records you every request, then wonder why what you’re thinking comes up on your feed, claiming, ‘How did they do that, I must be connected or have some kind of special power or something’, but NOT, it’s designed that way, to accumulate your thoughts the way you think them, and feed them back to you, that’s why it’s called a feed.

But please don’t partialize me, along with the bad comes the good, where because of social media/the internet, one can now leave one’s block/neighborhood/city and state, to see how the whole world is in the same place and space, searching for answers, that everything is not as bad as we were taught, but bad in the sense that it’s all our fault for how we all had a part in creating our own trap, that trapped us in the individual states of mind we’re in, from the rich and wealthy to the poor and unhealthy, addicted to many things, addicts to the belief that I had no part in what I now experience, I mean social media is like the sins of the fathers in real time, where I can anonymously spite you and fight you with words in a smear campaign, because I didn’t have the same chances you did growing up, but won’t look up to see that you now do and the world is your target audience.

Where whatever you’re selling someone will buy, that makes greed something extra really, because now my ideas can come into fruition, so why not stick to the basic of real capitalism and let’s all capitalize on Life, instead of compounding more lies to feed to one another while disregarding all Life in fact, I mean is it really that bad to make room for all human being and animals alike, to have their own piece of earth, to connect with the earth we all came from, that gives us things freely (mind you), and guess what, if social media wasn’t here you wouldn’t be reading this, which brings me to the next point.

Fear of loss, losing friends in an unbefriending world that’s not friendly, unless I know you. The comfortability of being addicted to a click button in a stone age mind, is the realization of ‘where have I been my whole life, and why do I feel like I’ve done this before’, because we’ve become so comfortable with it, where if you take it away from me, my life would end in a shamble (and that’s where I just lost a few people, lol), I mean we know people from around the world more than we know our neighbors, in more cases than none, but then again our neighbors do the same as we do, that’s why neighborhood street are baron, where kid don’t play anymore, because we feed there minds with electronic, that snatches the expression right out of them, turning them into mind craft zombie, weak and petite (small and dainty) with no knack for life but their own, and others we feed too much, because they’ve learned how to push your buttons through social media, so we make sure they don’t, by giving them what ever they want, and when they grow up, they’ll hate you for that, and you’ll end up losing them anyway, fear of loss.

But it’s a good look, when using social media to share yourself with the world, your realization and insights without spite, because it’s all about me and this is what I’m doing that has nothing to do with anyone else. A friend shared how they find it cool to be able to see how other parts of the world is, where on one side it’s sunny and tropical and the other it’s snowing, fresh powder, for skiers and snowboarder, so if you got it like that and you’re bored with doing one thing, in one place, you can pick up and go to the next, no problem, but a problem because all can not do that, that’s why ‘at least’ a Basic Income Guaranteed for every human being is need, to facilitate what’s best for all, and what better way to get the word out there, than Social Media.

Before we completely virtualize the world, in search of other dimensions, how about we clean up this one first, before things get worst, until worst case scenarios don’t exist any longer, and there is a way to do this, that you can fine right Here on Social Media.

By seeing the best and the worst of us on social media, should give us indication as to where we stand as a society, where the worst can be corrected and the best can be expounded upon, without pointing the finger at any one, because as it was said, positive thinkers/doers create the negative and negative thinking/doers also create the negative, (that all of us), therefore all that’s left is to look inward toward self – to correct ourselves internally with what comes up and what we let ourselves react to, that we create our outside world with, then the outer reality will be a place where all life would thrive, and we can meet socially ‘in the physical’ with respect towards one another. Investigate

Thanks for reading.

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