Day 786: The Correction to Talent as Purpose Pt.3

From in house rehearsals and practices to using different tactics and ways of doing things with exactness and specificity, defines what we do well and want to show and tell, but what’s the reason behind these refined actions that just so happen to be an expression we can express to the best of our abilities, to really get the best out of how we survive.

For some it’s just like riding a bike or muscle memory when putting our talent down for a while and picking it back up from where we left off, and often times forget it’s the same as we left it, with no elevation or placement to use in our world at the moment, but what can be taken from it, is the drive we had that pushed us to be good at it, that we can transfer over to other things we do in our lives, that would turn what we now do, into a talent itself and balance out the equation, from giving it away to learning how to play with it, in what we got and do.

At the moment of resistance, is when our purpose goes right out the window, so to speak, especially when having no one to motivate you to keep going, that I have experienced, and experienced a draining effect of the energy I sought after, where I paid too much attention to doing things for others (as the giving away affect) than for myself first, that ultimately altered me from being happy to express my talent, to seeing/looking at my talent as a job that wasn’t fun anymore, but did this to myself and ended up dropping it and giving into what was popular at the time as an easy hustle.

Interesting topic because, whenever I’ve found myself in a position of thinking of what to do,, my talents never came up, but only thought about not having a skill set needed to fit in with society, and so again tried the whole work force thing, that didn’t work, but only forced me look at things differently, I mean we only get older everyday which means, if you have something you do good, now, stick with it, to watching something good come out of it, but fascinating how, when going back to my talents what comes up is all the reasons I stopped in the first place and so played these mind games with myself thinking, “It’s just going to be/go the same way as before”, with no consideration on how we have grown from then to now, that would obviously make our talents that much better, so don’t give up on them, and keep pushing yourself and working at them, to the point of it fitting somewhere in your world, that would make for a better life for you, I mean they’re still what you can do best, and so why not get to point of expressing your best, as a means to survive, you got this/I got this, therefore;

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize/understand how my talents are still useful/can be useful, although I haven’t used them in a while, whether it recapturing the drive I had when realizing I have a talent for doing certain things, to consulting others about the things I know how to do well, that would be what I need to put me back on track of expressing the best of me as a means to live/survive, that all is not lost and/or forgotten.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to momentarily forget how good I am at certain thing, but not in the sense of self-praise, but the actuality of it, that I can still use the methods in which I went about these talents in other parts of my life, to make what I now do into a talent itself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to want to blame others, the world, the system for exploiting my talent, when in fact it was me who was giving my talents away, in essence, accepting pennies and praise for expressing them for someone else, instead of realizing I could have done that for myself, but thought I needed much more than I had to put myself out there, thinking big, instead of moving in baby steps that would have ended with the same results in the long run, of having a solid foundation for me to land on, when stepping into the future of things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thought the future to be too far ahead for me to take my talents serious, way back when I first started honing in on my talents. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to step into my future unprepared for what was in stored for me that I created for myself, by myself – as the laid-out consequences for not following through with/on what I know how to do with the talents I have, and so on and so forth.

That, our talent are somewhat of a defining factor of who we are and what we express and do, not to be taken lightly, and no one can or will take them away from you, especially a God that’s unseen, as we have programmed ourselves to believe, they will always be with you, so why not play with them, taking bits and pieces from them as needed to apply in other parts of our lives, that would make what we walk, as the life we’re living that much easier to get through.

Thanks for reading.

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