Day 785: Giving your Talent Away Pt. 2

Talent, the tell it like it is, to doing it like it is, to doing what you know how to do with no questions asked, or expectations of how things would turn out, because it’s in your genes and/or learned these things that suit you best over time, and best for all who needs your assistance in time, when attempting to do what you do best that most all can’t, reserved for teachers and over explainer who can explain every detail in detail of how to detect missed points when moving forward with something, because they walked it, and have it dialed in, and fine tuned and soon I’ll get it and you’ll get it, to becoming talented at it, to be able to walking it ourselves, but never forget who assisted you to bring out the talent in you.

To be shown the natural ability you have by someone, to reach your utmost potential, is exceptional and if you ever get the change to show appreciation, please do so, that would show a level of elevation on your part, to changing you to be/become the best possible version of you/yourself can be, so thank you to all the Me’s that are You’s who assisted me to hone in on the talents I have, when telling me like it is and holding back no punches (so to speak) and speaking with clarity so I can understand what it is that I need to see to do when moving forward in my process.

Now for the other than part, lol…

Bringing it back to self, and the point of squandered talents, like an inheritance, that inherently put me in a compromising position, for not using the talents I have to the best of my ability and as a point of survival, and so was given away for a point of complacency and comfortability, I mean how many times have we told ourselves, “I could have been this and done that, if I would have only…, but got lost in translation the moment of knowing how to do something, that others in our worlds praised us for, that didn’t or couldn’t do themselves? Then blamed the masses for massing against us at certain times in our lives, claiming the deck of cards is stacked against me, but just a thought, so laziness could continue taking its course, and in this case source out my talents, in the backseat to laziness.

The craziest part is when we live life lackadaisically as if our talent will only be useful in the future, but not put them to use in the present, currently that would ripple into our future to make somewhat of a solid foundation for us to step into, “somewhat”, being that time changes things, and so must change with the times, with the talents we have, that would keep our talents up to date, so to speak, in a world full of fluctuations and uncertainty, and industries that don’t deserve to be pertinent to our survival and well-being, I mean, who really wants to stay living like that.

But live like that we do, and for some talents there’s an expiration date, with the advent of machines that’s claimed to be safe, but wait, man has really done it this time, with a mind that care less about man’s design, but it’s us as man who designed our demise, as if this physical is not enough, and all the real answers is like cancer to us, but it’s not really “their” fault, when the fault is our own for giving away our talents for way too long.

And the time zones we live in doesn’t change the talents we have, but changes the way we do the talents we have, depending on the environment we’re in, where in certain parts of the world certain jobs are accessible and needed, but in other parts, that same job and/or talent is not, therefore, it behooves us to have an array of talents, for different times and places along our life path, that would keep one in loop of the changing times, and free up space in one owns mind, from thinking about ‘what will I do next, now that my talent is no longer need’, and seed flexibility in one’s own life. To be continued…

Correction to come…

Thanks for reading.

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