Day 784: Giving your Talents Away

A slaves mentality is the acceptance in excess of exploitation, the things we’ve come to learn to do ‘oh so well’ and call these things our talents, a balancing act of expression between things we can and cannot do, but do because we have to, and sometimes want to, but not all we know, we love to do, or can do what we love all the time, because most of our time is spent, having our talents being exploited, as the suck dry milk bone affect, that effects our senses and abilities from sensibly staying healthy, physically and mentally.

It seems to me that we secretly like and envy what others do, and do our best to do what they do and when we have it down, act as if we’re the creator behind it, but the copy cat effect it is, which actually isn’t bad, if it’s a copy of something substantial, for the betterment of oneself, without down playing where we got it from, but more than less, an additive to the talents we already have, but this is not considered by work administrator, who will take what we know/know how to do well, and exploit it as if they were the creator behind it, because it’s never about this or that employee made this or that company what it is today, it’s more like give me you’re energy, time and wisdom and then we’re done with you, because the company is moving into a different direction, which is actually a lie, (in most all cases) they just don’t want to give you a raise, but themselves through the cutting back cost, and I’m sure many have experienced this, but this is how we have created our life in this world to be, a place where talents are given away with nothing in return.

We sit back and think, when will it be my turn, my turn to make it, my turn to get rich, my turn for financial freedom, my turn to be the boss, then bounce around with this gully idea in our mind, and do nothing about it, although we may have acted on a few talents throughout our lives to make this so, it end up being short lived, because at a point within it, we’ve come across a deterrent that stopped us in our tracks and so from there never looked back to finish what we started, that ended with working for the system and giving our talents away, instead of working with the system that would have create a system that was best for all, that would be the meaning of real capitalism, where our capabilities/talent would have brought forth a worldly expression that this world has never seen before, such as new foods, that’s best for all and products that last longer than 2 years.

I mean we have it in us, and it’s us who can change this, like what would you do if money wasn’t a factor, as some would say, but it is, and it is, but consider how any other form of life live without it, and having much more of a time here on earth than we do, where without the spite of money we can still do the same things we do now, but much more expressive, because of the less stress within it, but we cry about how much the same we would all be if we all had the same amount of money, which is funny, because we’re all experiencing the same thing now with money, if you’re rich/wealthy, you stress about staying rich/wealthy, and if you’re poor, you stress about how you’re going to get your next meal, which requires money, but if all had the same, the rich/wealthy and poor wouldn’t have to stress about what you have and/or need to get, or anyone taking it away from you, because it would all be there for you, and that’s what sticking to and expressing our own talents for ourselves would bring.

Although there’s more to it, but sit on this idea for a while, and I’ll continue in my next post…

Thanks for reading.

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