Day 782: Turning the Tides

Timely a card picked from the OSHO cards ‘Transformation’ for the day, the acceptance of what has been and always will be, until we realize ourselves within it (the past) and release ourselves from it (the past), letting it go unconditionally, in order for a transformation to take place in our lives, as we’re ever so constantly changing, if working on change consistently and simply focused on stepping out of what has gotten into me, this year past and at last have a moment to reflect on the correction phase of the consequences I’ve walked.

Daring to drop all beliefs, unbelief, doubt, reason, mind and simply enter into a pure existence without boundaries, meaning what I have carried around with me as baggage, extra baggage ideas/thoughts/memories and expectations has to go, because why should I have to explain to myself at the end of time, how I didn’t take this opportunity and time to make a stance and continue standing when given a chance to experience change and fell short of correcting myself, where when all else fails its back to the basics that should be our basic second nature to replace this feeling and reset ourselves, to make this life we have worth living, and giving back to ourselves what we think we’re missing, because everything else is just plain ole silly.

But really though looking at the snow brings up old memories of childhood, from whence I’ve came to being the man I am now, and the numerous amount of transitions I’ve been through in evolution of a mind that I called me, I mean where have I really been, when being in my own skin and not working on me for me, but sitting back waiting on the world to change, while looking at my life pass right in front of me.

The steps that needs to be taken, has already been, of the patterns that needs to be broken and corrected within, that has created ‘My without as a consequential outflow, and now going with the flow to eradicate these things.

Transformations is such a big word with all its components, that may seem to big to achieve, but in route of forming or formulating a new me, is a transaction I’m willing to make, and the time it take is but a drop the bucket to a bucket full of water as the time it took for me to create this person I see, looking back at me in the mirror, that’s hearing the commitments that I’m writing down, right now, where now is a good time to make this statement “I will not give up, No matter what” as a note to self and just for me, because at times it’s needed, the motivating factor that factors in the next steps we take, to getting to the point of not waiting for change, but creating the change I would like to be.

But what is change but a constant movement and not a feeling, proof or solution, but a knowingness that what I’m doing is for the betterment of me, in the sense of what’s best for all, that’s obviously best for me, so all the time I spend investigating things, is well time spent invested in me, because the ultimate goal is to reach my utmost potential and as long as I keep this in mind ‘the tides will continue to turn’ and the transformation of me will remain constant, until I become the life that I oh so seek, to be and live as.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/perceive/believe transformation to be a feeling to attain to, instead of a constant standing within the moral of principles I choose to live by, that the pace of my process is depending on the acceptance of what I have done, been and become, in consequences I’ve created for myself, and now see how to, and move forward and passed them into living correction from the corrections I’ve done myself. Thus, I accept the constancy of transitioning into the continuous Transformation, of me.

Thank you for reading.

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