Day 781: Representation of You

The ultimate goal is life in Fact, to become the representative thereof, but on the journey to reaching this statehood of sort, we let the objects of our emotions get in the way, that weighs us down and heavy on our hearts, creating soft spots, with the illusion of love lingering in the background, that cures No-thing/Person/Place or Being, I mean what are we really built of, how much can we take, before we say enough is enough, and iron out to straight edges, the wrinkling problems we have, that makes us twisted, and want to relive shit over again, before moving towards a solution.

I mean spite can only last for so long, and to be defined “In spite of”… eventually drains you from any energy you thought you might have had, that the mind claims you needs, despite knowing these things will come back and haunt you, no matter what it is, we’ve created a reservation for this, through how we’ve represented ourselves.

With a careless mentality, but more like an uncertainty that flirts with our deserved certainty of being here on this planet for a reason – and Seasons Greeting won’t change that, or hide the fact that we represent the red flags of our minds, instead of the life we are, things will not change unless we change the things we represent and/or let represent us in any case.

Relationships are prime examples of representing one another and what you each stand for, individually and together if done correctly, that doesn’t compromise who we are within it, but not seen as viable when emotions are at play, stating you do you and I’ll do me, according our own self-interest, that’s interesting to say the least, because what is a relationship, when you can’t relate to what each other presents/bring to the table, but bypassed this for a good feeling and define the relationship as such.

A misrepresentation is an idea and belief that I am something more than I actually am, so if you speak of me, make sure you know me, that I’ve characterize in face of insecurities and an Image I wanted to uphold, instead of holding myself together as who I am and what I should have been representing, as life and the expression of me.

During interactions with others, what we leave with them is a representation of ourselves, and call this an impression, a likeness that may or may not be liked, depending on what was being talked about and the extent of discussion, where the rest is always up to the other person and how they took it, that may not represent you well when talking to someone else, because of something you said to them, that fit, but took it personally, and admit your disguise about it, through gossiping with another person, that’s initially all your fault when them, and the person your gossiping to, don’t see eye to eye, just as we don’t see why, the lies we say are the diminishing of our ability to birth life from the physical (become life), in essence, instead of being like Lice and Lying around.

It’s a wonder why they say “Real Men don’t cry”, that’s because of spiting the spite we live as life, and on the daily, thinking that we’re right, all the time, and time has blessed us with good fortune, right before the unfortunate chain of events happens, that no one wants to see and believe, until the revenge of the Ego takes place, that should snap you out of character and into a point of correction, that starts with;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not consider the representation of me is through my actions/words/ways and deeds, how I define myself within such throughout my day ins, and outs doing, that I’ve been convoluted with the idea that I needed to uphold this image of me, as the representation of something that I’m not, and so need to just be me. Period!

I mean you are only as good as the example you set for yourself, when all alone with yourself and no one else is around, that’s where the true representation of self is created, then, when in the presence of others, the real self of you can be seen, and what you say will represent you well, because you’ve took the self-help course of You.

Thanks for reading.


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