Day 777: The Numbers (Perspective)

Perceived as a God thing, but a God thing in fact, stacks and increments of occurrences, from personality building in the construction of a mind consciousness system within our human physical body, that we don’t realize and call a mastery period, to attain to heaven, which for me was ‘Havens Rest’ every summer, during the seventh month of the every year, growing up, that our church had a 49 acre property in the middle of nowhere (that’s 7×7), out in the woods up North in Baldwin, Michigan, that we went to religiously for two week, as a Godly Vacation, lol, and so viewed 777 as the point of attaining a Sainthood of sort, meaning I had to live ‘saved’, act and believe only certain things, for things to work in my life, to so when ‘Jesus’ came back, I would be caught up in the rapture, leaving the rest behind, because I was a good believer and a follow, while the rest of the world outside out church, followed ‘Satan’ with the mark of the beast to be placed on their forehead, and so marked to burn in hell for eternity. Like REALLY!

But a man-things, this is, to Conjecture numbers and words to mean different things, that houses loopholes as escape routes. Stating “No this is what I meant”, when caught in a conundrum, just to suit our own self-interest, and gain followers to validate our own pre-programming, that we took from our parents, when creating our personal personality from years 0 to 7. Ha

Lucky numbers ‘777’ will help you win the jack pot at the casino, but first you may have to play Seven Hundred and Seventy Seven dollars to get it, then you’ll be lucky, I mean interesting how it always takes something to get something, but takes nothing to fall into the trap of thinking I can win, then lose and try it again, until your luck runs out, and pout about how life is handing you lemons, as a sign of being Unlucky, that’s not a pretty look, when going after the lucky numbers 777, but just another form of heaven, because money is involved.

Seven days of ‘Fasting’ will only help you to realize how skinny and hungry you’ve gotten, and now weigh 70 pounds soak and wet, waiting for the world to change, or your problems to just dissipate , thinking that it will all be fixed and go away through longsuffering, to starve yourself in hopes to get a sign from God, telling you that “You can rest now”, as a test of your faith that only takes place in the mind, within the design of manipulation for attention, in fear of sinning or better yet in fear of having the figment of the life we’re living stripped away.

777 an Angelic number, meaning I am attracted to intelligence, a witty sense of humor and an Adventurous outlook on life, lol given to me by some invisible angel, that want to help me move towards the path of my Dreams, that in the past were unrecognizable and went by in a blur, and not sure if I really want to experience much more of a blurry life of lies and deceit, but that’s what it says in the dictionary, but “Should” it be believed? Hmm.

I saw the signs and they all said STOP, but in the search of deciphering a deeper understanding of our lives, the deeper I went into it, the further away from the truth of things I got, until I realized what STOP really meant – to take a moment and look right in front of me to see everything that I’ve been searching for is and have always been HERE, in everything I see a round me, in my world and reality, that is me.

Therefore, a form of escapism that won’t ‘Save you ‘Even ‘Vicariously through someone ‘Else’s ‘Nonsense, = 7 x three, and that’s all I got to say about that. Where a solution is to investigate why haven’t we’ve gotten it right after the Seventh time of repeating the same things over again, and take it from there and back into your own life.

Thanks for reading.

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