Day 774: Being Left in the Dark Pt.2

They say that you can see better in the dark, then in the light. I say turn the lights out and test it out for yourself, but not only that, the premonition that something is going on, opens the door for investigating what it is that you are, or think that you’re missing, especially when walking process, that couldn’t have came at a better time for me in my life, internally hooping an hollering around the bothersome idea that all in my life had it in for me, my friends, family and the relationship I was in, that didn’t bother to tell me what was going on that involved me, which ended up being me wanting to hear about what I perceived, instead of what did or didn’t happen then, in essence placing myself in a dark spot in my life, and blamed others/them for leaving me in the dark.

For me what opened up when questioning my life, was the resounding question of; “how did you get yourself to this point”, after the blame stop working and started working on me through the DIP Lite course, that showed me the importance of writing and taking responsibility for my participation, and point position placement in my life, where I was at, at a dark time in my life, that only being left in the dark spawned my search for answers, and so expounded more on what I had found when discovering Desteni.

It’s like the greatest gift from a curse, and so was able to see through the darkness that had immersed itself upon me and looming in the background of everything I thought myself to be, and do, you see the belief that I had, that others was at fault for not telling me things, was my fault for not investigating me, long before any problems came to be, which veil any insight I may have had shown to me, by brushing it aside, hiding behind the idea that ‘this couldn’t be’, not wanting to hear about what may have been busy taking place, and so remained in a space of ignorance is bliss, because looking back on it, I remember the person I was in a relationship with wanting to open up to me at one point, but told them they were tripping and didn’t want to hear it.

Thing is, the darkness cover/veil we place over problems and situations in our life, ends up manifesting this you believing you’re being left in the dark, then wonder why this is so, after countless amount of times jumping over the fence away from things/problems/situations we should/need to face in the moment, but don’t and won’t, like in this case, until you find yourself alone wondering why no one wants to tell you anything, because obviously we ‘cry wolf’ too many times, when others have attempted to show us the signs, that things are getting out of hand.

I mean this could apply to anything in your life you choose not to see/ look at when being shown it by anyone in your life, for any reason or another, therefore my suggestion is to embrace the dark spots we put ourselves in, that has everything to do with the belief that we’re being, or have been left in the dark, which is not really possible, because the truth of EVERYTHNG is out there, but have always been right here waiting for us to walk into it, on so many levels, and so a point of realization is to not put off what one can face today (when being shown something), thinking that you don’t want to see it, then later on believe that you’ve being left in the dark about it, and find yourself alone in a dark spot in your life, forced to investigate what’s going on with you, as it was for me, where self-forgiveness was key and instrumental to opening up my self-positioning placement, my fault in all matters concerning me, that I brushed aside and had to do with my life and the way things turned out for me. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Thanks for reading.

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