Day 773: Being Left in the Dark

Close your eyes and cover your ears, so the boogey man won’t get you, as the stork did when sticking it’s head in the sand, where he didn’t want to see, hear or even think about the danger that had behest him, thinking, just maybe, possibly it would go away, that didn’t always, to never happening, then realized once he got to the other side, “shucks” what was I afraid of, (Hypothetically speaking) Lol.

Not knowing can bring out the worst in you, until you simply immerse yourself with purpose to find out what’s making you nervous and deserve to know what you’re being left in the dark about, without realizing that it might not be in the best interest of your intentions to know or even mention to someone that you would like to know, when you really don’t, but on the other hand, when not being told by those around you, what happen with things that concern you, that they knew, but not you that could have changed the way you viewed things and decisions you made in your life, that changed your life forever more, is a hindsight headache, in hindsight thinking how big of a mistake I’ve made by not insuring everything was in its proper place and so missed out on what was pressing in the moment. Hmm, think about that for a second.

As the hours, months and years just drifted on by, stuck in the thought of ‘what was it’, back then that ‘what is it’ couldn’t answer, knowing that you was purposefully left in the dark, by those who you’ve come to know and gave up a chunk of your life for, that’s now being brushed aside, as they smile in your eyes, believing that all is forgotten, but forgiven it was and remembered it remains, but ashamed on my part for not being aware of such occurrences in my life, when seeing the signs that was evident.

Where the details of the matter don’t really matter at this point in time, but a sign it was, to be aware of every aspect of the relationships I’m in, and have, because, being left in the dark, such as what happened in this case will happen to you, if you are not aware of all who resides in your world and their true intentions.

Ignorance is bliss when the statement; “Nobody told me” comes to mind, believing that you were left in the dark on purpose, but purposefully stayed within the darkness of ignorance while seeing the signs and turning a blind eye, being that it didn’t fit your standard hard drives ‘Operating Systems’ protocol and procedures at the time, and so called it beyond your comprehension, that distracts our attention away from the comfortable front roll seat in the theater of our minds, detached away from what’s really going on. Let me explain –

The pain staking realization that all we know is not the truth, that’s backed up with facts, when seeing things in reverse, that instead of blaming ‘them’ as the problem, to look at you first, that’s I hear all the time and sounds good, saying, “I know it’s me” but doing Nothing about it, until the consequence thereof comes to the light, and might just have an epiphany about it, before wanting to fight, (being left in the dark)…

To be continued…

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