Day 766: Coercion (Perspective)

A thought of convenience, convincing oneself or another that it’s ok to do one thing or another, that may not be in the best interest of you both, but needed at times when one sees what the other don’t, and so used as a point of assistance, in uncovering the path that leads down the road of no return.

But mostly used as a seconding to not be question about the reckoning that’s about to take place, from one’s own mistakes, but quick to call the person that’s being coerced, the second in command, that supposed to stand in the place of you, when you get pinched to finish out your spiteful intents.

Reckoning in the sense of what’s going to happen when the damage is done and all the perceived fun you had, becomes but a dumb idea and a passing fad, then get mad that you didn’t get away with it, in a physical sense, that easily becomes a mental point of suspense, when the sense we use is not common.

Let me explain, interesting how we coerce ourselves into feeling sad and ashamed, when things don’t go our way, but let an interesting occurrence happen in the next moment, and watch the frown turn into a happy face, that erases the sadness and replace the hate, and leave it unchanged as a common mistake.

Manipulation is the main play of coercion, a premeditated spoken language that nobody deserves, but pre-rehearsed and inserted into the minds of humanity, that makes it humanly possible to be mind controlled and managed, into living life as survival, as our primary point of existing, then come up with words like care – less and Longsuffering, that’s useless if you ask me to suffer a long time, but I’m supposed to be fine with just doing my time, and living out my life constantly falling behind, I mean should it be a crime to repeat the same mistake twice, and fight against what we really know is right and the right thing to do, outside of all the spite, and self – awareness of Life that hasn’t been reached yet?

Given all away during a moment of regret, the checking in to see if there is something to correct, and introspect the concept of coercion in itself, to learning to be frank, candid and honest with yourself, and to know thyself enough to trust thyself and not the thoughts that’s running ramped in my mind, take a moment to confront thyself, to see what you will inevitably uncover and find, with;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to create a core problem within myself, by believing what sounds good at the time, in my mind, that all is fine in the state I’m in, the manipulated experience of me, manufactured to believe I have a right to feel happy or sad, but mostly sad that my rights are always wrong. Coercion

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have wanted others to go along with my own self-interest, so coerced them into it, to not be the only one.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think/believe I need a seconding, as a point of justification, to justify to myself, this manipulation is ok, which make things premeditated, like coercing others to not like one another, because (I let them) “they all hurt my feelings”, that has a long list of consequences that’s soon to follow, while closed off to the fact coercion is bound to do that, and just so happen the same done to me, and didn’t see how I would end up in the same place and way.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see/realize how delusional one could become, about the true state of things, when believing the point of comfortability is within the thoughts I think, eluding the fact that I just coerced myself and made it worst, by living in this state of belief, where there’s more work to be done in this process of releasing myself from being coerced by me.

And so here I stand in the process at hand of living the words ‘Frank and ‘Honesty towards/with myself.

Thanks for reading.

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