Day 764: Puzzled Piece, to Piecing the Puzzle Together (Perspective)

Circulating occurrences of things happening for seemingly no reason at all, that’s noticed when realizing one had to fall, to be shown something about the way one participated within things, in past interactions in a state of confusion, and choosing to stay in that state for a while, because in the past we lacked the correction so now, we’re stuck within the comfortability of separation from Self, where our only form of interaction is touching our Self.

I mean who would have thought that you can talk to yourself and ask yourself questions and get a response, but not in a tone of voice or internal conversation, but a slow paced movement that presses against your flesh, like putting in a request it all takes time, to learn the difference between the physical and the mind, but if you told someone this they’ll look at you puzzled, and remain muzzled until you explain it to them again. So, in simpler terms;

The Google platform makes it easy for you to type in and word the exact question from your mind that you’re looking for, into a search bar and receive the answer/suggestion or facsimile thereof, that you requested, (oddly enough) as a form of investigating your thoughts/what comes up in your head, to fulfill your curiosity/satisfy your self-interest and possibly answer the question you’ve asked, in the seeking of what you’re looking for, but interesting how this hasn’t always been as such, where once upon a time, in neighborhood around the world, kids never left their blocks, let alone their city, and anything outside of that was but a puzzle waiting to be pieced together, starting with one’s own imagination, I mean we only believed what we were told and read through Newspaper articles and heard on the radio that made the world a very big and scary place.

Where the answers we had was handed down from generation to generation with no self-investigation before implementation, propaganda and secrets was own by the free masons, who made it their point to keep us complacent, and the life within the family was only brought out on Vacation, and the rest of the time was a hurry up and waiting, where the whole of humanity became very impatient and over a period of time created this blankness.

Instead of seeing that we’re all pieces of the same puzzle of uniqueness, became a puzzled piece in seek of coming together, but with a divide and conquer strategy that only created tragedy and drastically reduced the population we’re in, claiming it’s not enough space or food to survive in a place that all of existence now fit in, where even if you die you come right back here, but on the other side just to realize the mess we’re in.

Now that we’re seeing all the pieces, it’s time to piece them together to see where I/you/we all fit in, and the best way to do that is to look at what we’ve done individually and collectively from a different point of vi-ew, that shows we-individually invited a space between each piece of ourselves as you and me, that’s not really at all a space in between, but a covered up connection line from you to me, meaning, if I have a problem and in search for a solution, the solution may not be to Google, but to connect two pieces of the same puzzle together, that’s you and that’s me and whomever else is needed, for assistance to assist me in the work to my resolve and resolve whatever the situation at hand, and that’s how a network is supposed to work, in the connection of every single Living thing, human being and organism.

The same network I also have with myself in piecing my life back together again, the same with you piecing your life back together again, that starts with asking Your-Self one simple question, “How do I get to know who I/you really are”, in a moment in the mirror, that you’ll be surprised at what you come up with, and from there you start Piecing the Puzzle (Of Self) Together.

Thanks for reading.


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