Day 763: Conversations are Changing

From wonderment to a wonderful lie about them/they and those people and what they did in my observation or what I heard in the wind, that keeps the adjacent party interested in listening and conversing the same back to you, is what some may call dinner talk, over a meal or in the midst of having a thrill at a gathering that’s pleasuring when supplements are involved, giving one an energy boost with a portion of “I Don’t care” in it, because I’m feeling myself, or better yet accepting the feeling the mind has presenting to me, in a cloak of happiness, I mean we’re happiest when conversations goes our way, and even when they don’t we’re still happy anyway.

Human beings are like sponge Bobs and Bernice’s, soaking up what we heard to be used in the next moment and make it our own knowledge and information pieces, to be said in the next conversation we have with “someone we can talk to”, shunning any realization we may have about ourselves and/or what we see that needs to change about the way we are, as humanity, in this reality.

Interesting how we have a love hate relationship with conflict, where we can’t wait to talk about it, but hate to be the one in it, unless we got the upper hand, then man does it feels great, but for Christ sakes it’s a wonder how we can be so fake towards one another without realizing the mistake we’re making, for the simple fact that the same person we’re talking about is the same person we’ll face later on, and in some cases feel bad about what we said, then look for fault in what they say, to justify what we said about them, in a conversation with others, something has to change

They used to say get out the room when you see grown folk talking, that’s because the grown folks were talking about one another and don’t want you to get wind of what they said, about your best friend’s mom or dad and what they did, because kid have an innate sense to show the nature of their parents ways, and tell on their parents thinking it’s ok, that’s why parents used to beat the silence into their kid in those days, and pray to God that their secrets don’t come out that way, and for most part they didn’t.

But nowadays those same kids are the one’s changing existence, with changed conversation, in asking more questions and people are listening while others are whispering, talking about how they feel something is missing, but can’t quite pin point it and leave it at that, and end up saying no one knows about that, then turn right back around and answer the same question asked, and say to oneself, “I just realized that”…

I mean, conversations are changing with less of a blind acceptance, but more of a perspective point of view, that’s my perceptions, being that, way back in the beginning stages of walking my process, I started taking notice of things, and one of those thing were other people’s conversations, and so start noticing a pattern of them gossip about other people, (as I once did and thought I was the only one) lol, where yes I saw how I would do the same and so began correcting myself to change this, and thought this was only with those of us walking the same process.

Thing is, even with people in my immediate environment, just 2 years ago, there conversation was as such, but interesting how the other day I was invited to a birthday party with the same people, and hadn’t talked to them in quite some time, and when I got there, they were spread out in different group around the park and as I went to each group to say my hello’s, each group I went to was all talking about life in different ways, and the changing times, with some sharing their realizations and experiences, which was News to my ears and cool to hear, I mean there was nothing I could say but just listen and enjoy and that’s what I did, and saw how others in their own ways, in their own locations and positions, in their own processes are taking steps forward, in changing the way they converse with one another, which was a cool realization for me and motivating to see, to keep doing what I am in walking my own process of changing me.

Thanks for reading.

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