Day 761: Who is God

So, in a Challenge for the week, the question was asked; “What is your concept of the word God?”, that I will share my concept and real-life/time perspective about, enjoy!

Good gracious, and greatness alike, in so many ways am grateful for entering this life, that I only realized after a few times being here, and blamed it on God for putting me here, without putting me in touch with what I’m supposed to do here, so feared that I would be taken out of here, but Here I stand, learning How to be here, without being ‘elsewhere’ as a place in my mind, where it’s an eternity in one minute or a thousand years equaling one day – that it took seven day to create this existence = seven thousand years to open up my eyes, 350 billion years ago for the first time, that’s a pebble in the bucket to what is to come, in an imagination that shows no image of the future, but tell me again, why am I supposed to be scared of this?

From out of the darkness (oneness), hence we came that changed how we looked at everything, then forgot that everything equals all of Us = You stand/I stand until we all stand up, standing equal to and one with each other, in other words we are all God together as Creator, Creation and Created, but cant see ourselves as the 3 C’s of Life, because of being lost looking within the light of things, unable to see that;

The division between an Idea of yourself and who you really are, is the empty space most was taught to insert God into, and let “Him” play median between you and life, guarding access to it, where through only “Him” you would be granted access, but I couldn’t actually process the reasons why, that blind faith was a bummer to our saving grace, and never was amazed at how sweet it seemed, or that someday we’re going to see the King, that seemed like a page straight out of a story book, but real in songs and Hymnals, like Simnel’s waiting to grab you in the movie Matrix, I hated being scared and happy at the same time, where in one moment “you gone die and go to hell” and the next you’re fine, because you’re saved, all in the same church service that happened every Sunday, that kept us in check when going into Monday, where by mid-week (for most) God had left for the weekend, just to be reinstated on Sunday again. And I tell you my friend, if that’s the way God is, then I must have to change my concept of the word God.

It’s kind of odd when it’s been ingrained within me, that the man upstairs is watching everything you do, but don’t you know everything you do, that’s perpetuated by you is watched by you too, being that you see yourself doing it before you do it, but follow the man upstairs telling you to go through with it, as the voice in your head that’s evidently cool with it, and if it works out, that was definitely God, but if it don’t, somehow Satan was involved, so if God and Satan is just a change of your mind, why can’t we choose to live God all the time, I mean that’s ME, then we’ll all be fine, and find out together the possibilities of life, if all were Gods living in this Life, where no one would starve and no need for a Christ, that starts with stopping our relationship to spite, I’m sure we all would want to see that, right?, but takes correction.

Therefore the correction would be, the redefinition of the God into God as Me, but first; I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to correct my relationship to the word God, but have separated myself as inferior to it, creating an entity of it, that stands in between the idea of me and who I really am as Life and Life in itself, believing that I must go through this God entity to get to and enjoy Life and experience it (Life) as me, thinking that this is how it’s meant to be, that my life belongs to this entity, blind to the fact that I’ve allowed myself to place me Here, being that I am the Creator, Creation and Created that created me with a mind to suppress my inherit nature by creating character as the experience of me. I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself see that this characterized me, is only a shell that covers/veils the real me as God equally with all, in a world of suppressed Gods looking to find ourselves whole again, as the Gods we are, Guardians of this existence that exist as one whole organism all together. I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spread myself thin in separation from all as me in this one organism body of Life, that should be lived ideally to my utmost potential and tend to all life as me, equally. I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to see the potency of ‘all as one, as me, as life’ that’s God in Fact, that if we all came together as one, would see no need for the word God, being that we would in Fact be it.

So, I commit myself to redefining the word God to that of; the embracing of all that I have accepted and allowed myself to be/perpetuate and create as me, encompassed by the correction and change therein, directing my world accordingly, to directing the world I/we live in together with all, in Oneness and Equality, doing that which is best for all, always in all ways, that doesn’t need mentioning when I silence my mind. [Note to Self-]; “Be still and Know that I Am/ (We Are) God”.

Thanks for reading.


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