Day 759: Delayed Action

Becomes a reaction when realizing one could have done something about an occurrence that’s taking place in the moment, that one saw could possibly happen before hand, but did nothing about, that’s now going south, meaning going down and about to interrupt what one is currently busy with, in a mind that kept us busy, when our initial awareness shows itself, that we pushed back down to follow what we think is a more pressing thought/idea/emotion/feeling or belief, then feel bad about not take a preventative action to sort it out before things happened and got to this point.

If realized that 2 minutes in the mind could equal 100 years + in quantum time would you stop thinking, that everytime you blink is 10 years gone by, in one life time, I mean how much time have I really wasted in my life and played ring around the rosery with my mind and placed it above experiencing me as all Here, within and as everything and everything as me, that I’m now in the process of learning to see, that we all can, but only if we allow ourselves to act on what we see before it gets out of hand.

Delayed = In spite of just laying there we see it, but choose to play dead (in a way) until the event falls in our lap, then feel the gravity of our wallowing nap, to saying I knew this would happen, and feel sadden that we didn’t do crap about it and turn around and do the same thing again, after we’ve cleaned up the mess, but didn’t correct our stance within it.

I mean that’s how accidents happen and if you really have a look at it, before it happens the thought and/or picture comes up of it happening, that we shove back down and don’t want to see, to saying; “No way”, “Not me”, and quick to praise oneself for stopping a negative thought, then “Bam” S*** happens and it’s me “Oh lord” standing in the middle of a mess at best, and glad that it wasn’t something else.

Even the time we spend thinking about other things to do/to get to, when doing something else, we’re all guilty of doing, as a juggling experience, with no experience of juggling, and struggling to maintain our focus on what’s present and important, being that in which we started off with and switched to in mid stride, we delay an action toward, thinking that the rush of things will save us time, that collides together but apart, to spreading ourselves thin, and that part right there is where we relinquish our control of the matter, that matters when walking through the consequences of it.

So the other day I was riding my bike and initially focusing on what I was doing and where I was going, but let the memories of where I just came from and what I did, catapult me into losing myself in my mind there for a while, and although nothing happened, when I came back to the Here-ness of Now, I was almost home and realized “Whoa” where was I these last few minutes, (where normally one would say, “where did the time go”) then started looking back at all the times I’ve done this, and the forgetfulness/mistakes/mishaps and problems I created for myself that would soon followed and /or bring me back to being here to walk the consequence therein, then realized how I relied more on my mind than my actual physical body – trusting Self to just be here with me, which is hard for most to do, especially as it was for me and at times still, but a work in progress, and thought this would be a warranted topic to be revisited.

Thing is, it is possible to multitask, but the task is ‘Constant Awareness’ to the tasks you’ve laid before you, to not lose track, but oddly enough keep in the forefront of one’s mind, because too much focus on one or the other could be detriment to one or the other, and obviously this doesn’t apply when doing something that requires your total attention, such as driving, working with heavy machinery and/or any for that matter, or doing a physical action involving something or someone else, unless it’s multiple of the same thing, (and that’s only if your skilled) i.e. creating graphics while building a website/sampling music, while creating a song/doing anything live and in real time, that takes practice, where listening and thinking is not one of them, lol, or in my case cleaning up a spill, while filling up a bin with water at the same time, 20 foot and a few obstacles away from you, that ended up making more of a spill for me to clean up = more time wastes. I mean some things don’t match, like having an attitude while in a relationship with someone, that’s a cocktail for disaster if not corrected without delay, so correct it.

And that’s why immediate action is imminent and needed when one first sees something is, and/or may be amiss if not acted upon when noticed. And so, It doesn’t hurt to second check oneself, but to remember there is a difference between second checking and second guessing oneself. Learn the difference between the two and what self-trust really is, HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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