Day 758: A Selective Assistance Perspective

Comes in two fold, the idea of giving and receiving selectively comparative to those we believe are aligned to where we want to go, but actually, only to those who respond to us the most, do we take from and give forth assistance to, thinking that everyone else won’t like what I have to say, instead of assisting proactively, equally to all unconditionally, I mean I need it, you need it, we all need it, and should share it without the belief that it’ll go in one ear and out the other, being that someplace in between, it will stick, to possibly be brought up later, if not seen/realized in the present, but corrected in a future tense of things, in the midst of a rough patch, then “bling” a light bulb of what was said comes on, then say to oneself, “Oh, that’s what they meant when they said that, now I see”, that oddly enough won’t come back to you, by me, especially in front of others, then think, “Yay, I did it all myself”, but ‘really’, when the ‘My’ in Self we excommunicated to the mind of thought, thinking that we ought to do it our own way, and so selectively chose not to assist Self to see what was really being said, and so, headed down the road to self-destruction in our heads, until the crutch of life showed us our legs through the seat of pain.

In the scheme of things, the same conniving scene plays out in the mind of thinking I’m fine and have time to spare, because they’ll always be there, just when I need them the most (who or whatever “they” are to you), then one day while diving into the Deep end, realize your Depend shield wasn’t there, so we get scared and fear the thought of drowning, and our heart start pounding, until we realize to stand up, because the water was only chest deep, and plant our feet firmly on the ground and realize it’s time for me to assist me now, instead of looking for selective assistance.

Another point of selectivity is with those whose walking their own process, in space and time that may be different from our own, that at times we may overlook and become self-righteous towards, that may assist you with their common sense that’s common sensical, where for real we can get caught up in process and lose track on reality/survival, where the grounding aspect may come from the most unexpected source/person in your life, that’s still connected to the system more so in a way than we are, for example, a good friend of mind and even a family member at times, have reiterated/broken things down to me, from their point of view that fit the narrative of changing what I was busy doing/trying to do and so showed me a different way of looking at it, that worked out for the betterment of all involved, so you see, it’s not who we pick and choose to receive assistance from and who not, but it is up to us to realize, we must face ourselves and change, via whomever it is in front of us at the time, that’s shows us ourselves in so many way, that may only be there for a moment, a day of short time in your life, so question one should ask oneself is; “When all else fails, will you still stand up for life for yourself and all as life, for you and all life, always in always”.

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