Day 757: Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Or is it that the mind flies, in search to repeat the fun you’ve had, but in the moment how many times have you said and/or heard the saying; “I wish this moment could last forever”, being satisfied with it, and could care less if that’s your last moment here on Earth, where others would say, “At lease they were happy when they left, and went out with a bang” (so to speak). But since you can’t see how much of a bang you’ve caused yourself once you reach the other side, those left here envy you, by saying “that’s how I want to go out” (around/in front of others), but when alone it’s, “F**k that S***, I got too much stuff to do”, then back up the rabbit hole to having more moments of fun, that we let define our pass time into wishing we had more time to play around.

Simply put everyone wants relief, instead of relieving the pressure/pain we put on ourselves in the brief to drawn out moments we participate in our minds, where the moment of solace we savor, as if it won’t come around again, then seek favor through prayer that somebody would hear our wish list, for time to stand still when we most enjoy it, while destroying any possibility of changing the experience of me to living the expression of enjoyment all the time.

Cool conversations as a connection point within relationships, in the midst of a feel good feeling, to wondering where the time went that was spent wisely in our eyes, but eternally enslaved to the lies that this is a life worth living, with spurts of good moments in it, and all the rest bad, and it’s sad how we believe this is where happiness lies, and tell ourselves a happy lie to disguise what’s really going on inside of us, but time flies when you’re having fun or does it.

Being that time has always been here, makes us the frequent flyer, constantly strapped into the seat of ‘Idea in the ‘plains’ of our mind, that plainly show us our connection to the sideshow, looking out the window over reality, trying to escape it, but haven’t lifted a foot off the ground and so shaped our lives in the pursuit of happiness.

Interesting how when you’re doing something you like doing, in the meat of it all/during, we fast forward unto the next time in which we can experience the same again, and once we’re there, look onto the next, and so on and so forth, as if to schedule our lives around things to attain to, which can be as simple as a craving for sweets, then eat and look forward to smoking a cigarette, then after go through your phone to see if you’ve missed a call during our smoke break, lol, then when all else fails, check Facebook to see what others are doing, chasing after this endless moment of comfort (in essence), instead of being comfortable in our own skin doing what we’re doing, that shows how we allow the mind to step in and direct the experience of us.

“Oh would you look at the time”, that’s said when someone has had enough of what’s being said, or being someplace with someone, after one’s self-interest has been fulfilled and want to leave because their fun is over, to force others who’s still having fun to leave too, stating, “Let’s go I got something to do”, that I have experienced two fold, meaning on both end of the spectrum. What happens is we want to hold onto our moment of joy in our minds and take it home with us, uninterrupted that being there any longer may not allow, in which case, not enough time when having fun, so we bottle it up to pull up later on throughout our next days, weeks, even months, when things are not going so well, like going to that happy place in our mind in meditation that’s a form of medicine, that messes with what you should be seeing/looking at and facing, but abdicate the taking of responsibility for.

But why not replace this with correction, to our wants/needs and desires, with the desire to change and the need to do it now, and becoming the want of consistency, instead of consistently fall for the energy of living in this spurt pocket of happiness, and being a pacifist to things needing to change. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think time flies when you’re having fun, that I let affect me any other time outside of that, to wanting to experience an enjoyed moment infinitely, instead of realizing the infinite moment of expression I am/can be in anything I choose to express myself within and as. I commit myself to living the expression of each enjoyable moment I have, as a point of intimacy that I can live infinitely without any wants/needs or desire attachments to it, that way there’s no longing to be/get to what I long for, because I am already living the expression of it, as it, as me. No need to blaming time for the experience of you, become what you think you’re missing.

Thanks for reading.

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