Day 756: What’s Relevant

Throughout our lives we come across all sorts of information and knowledge we use at different point in our lives, that’s for that time only (in most cases), on the journey to getting to where we’re going, ultimately and often we miss the relevance within the message of what it is, but what better way but to investigate what we hear and fit it into our lives accordingly, that’s not ordinary but boring to hear about and do, when all we’re taught is to follow suit, and only connect to society in that way, but in that way we stay entrenched within a slaves mentality, no matter how much money you have and spend casually, the tragedy is, that it’s not relevant to who you are, and don’t define you a who you really are, and so far the majority of us in humanity have not realize that yet, but yet and still we make it’s relevant to us.

Relevant = Relish in Event things change, that driven by fear that some form of wrath will engulf you in some way or another, that’s taught in religion, always one step away from missing the obvious, to investigate all things and keep that which is good, and I should have seen it coming, but again it wasn’t relevant to me at the time, and time and time again use this as an excuse to stay the same that we are now, that eventually will change when a new piece of information comes about, and turn us around, then talk about how much we’re lifted off the ground, and elevate and elated for being show something new, but who knew that this new stuff wasn’t relevant too.

Interesting how the first thing that comes up when you learn something New, is who else you can tell that think it came from you, and never make it relevant to living this information, but inflate the Ego we believe ourselves to be, you see it’s all about me, or should be all about me, especially when this me is falling ever so gracefully, while waiting patiently for someone to come and save me, like being saved in church which always amazed me, and I always thought being saved From what, but at the time I didn’t know better and didn’t give a F***, but shucks when realizing none of this was relevant and didn’t change any situation I was in, or me.

Relevant = Re-Live-Events thinking it’ll help nowadays, but the nowadays are from yesterday that has us stuck in the past. How many times have you wished you can go back to the past with what you know now, as if it’s relevant for tomorrows change, which is evident that we need to change today, that way tomorrow becomes a new point of creation, replacing the old me from doing old things, but by correcting these old things to bring forth a new me, or might I say the me/us that we were always meant to be, that’s relevant to living the change we want to see in this world.

We’ve made stories of casualty and conflictual situations more relevant than actually getting to know one another, in conversation we talk about them/they and those people, instead of seeing those people are really ourselves, I mean have we really ever tried to talk about what’s relevant, as self-correction and change to those in the discussion, instead of fussing about corruption that we perpetuate ourselves, as well as blaming the elite for mind controlling us, when it’s us being controlled by our own damn mind, to think mind control is only done by the bold and beautiful and those with money, whose mind control them to into think they can control us, but when money is no longer relevant, maybe we’ll see what is, but doesn’t take all this to see what it is.

The correction to it all is as simple as watching where you’re stepping one foot in front of the other, that’s relevant to not tripping up on a curb, the same as not tripping up in life, as the investigating of all things and keeping that which is good will help one to do, but not only that, using what you’ve kept, as a point of cross reference to check in with oneself during a moment of introspection, to see if what you kept is relevant to where you’re at in your process, to be processed and distributed throughout one’s life and lived, is what’s relevant when it’s all said and done, as a point of fun when realizing relevant ways of changing me.

Thanks for reading.

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