Day 752: Unconditional

So, the question was asked in a weekly blog challenge; How do you understand or see the word ‘unconditional’? Do you live this word? If so, How?

Interesting how I’ve held conditions to the word unconditional at times throughout my life, where the ‘un’ became under, as in under these conditions towards others, but didn’t want the same for me, stating; “Why don’t you just accept me as who I am, unconditionally, meaning fault and all, never looking at my own fault in any matter, matter of fact within relationship, I would be unconditional as long as my self-interest was being fulfilled, but still judged others as an undercurrent, while claiming to be unconditional with them. that compromised a few relationships I’ve had in the past.

It was easy for me to speak words without understanding the meaning of them, means I was just reciting what I’ve heard/saw or read, and not investigate it to live, which was me externalizing things and coming up with a superficial explanation to suit my interest for what I thought things meant, but not until I internalized the word unconditional, seeing how I could live it as an expression of me, did I realize the letting go aspect without thought emotion or reaction, which took away any conditions I held towards the word and equalized my stance within and as it. So;

Unconditional – Without conditions i.e. Judgement/Reaction/Emotion or Feeling or any movement of sort coming up within and as oneself towards a person/place/thing, point in time, past/present or future related to any experience from memory of me therein. As an expression of standing equal to and one with everything/everyone as you, as me and treat others as you would like to be treated, to knowing what I have accepted and allowed in my world is my doing, that I now take responsibility for to correctly change, and live the words, “let it all go Carlton”! Unconditionally. Which for me is still a work in progress, but progressing I am.

Thanks for reading.


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