Day 751: Turn Table

The things we do has a profound resonance to them in the moment of occurrence that orchestrate our future with a consequential outflow attached to it. Some call this karma that houses a pharmacy of spite, as thoughts we give to others as medicine for their behavior towards us, hoping/wishing what goes around comes around (instantly), that would inevitably make what seem to be a good idea to do in the moment not such a good idea after all/in the long run, where our action will catch up to us, in the sense of tables being turned, that’s not a good fit, but fits the narrative in this opera we direct, operating as the mind and not who we are as life.

In the moment of desperation we look for the quickest resolve and follow our intuition to doing things as a quick fix, that only band aides the problem momentarily, with the idea of making things up to whomever felt the gist of our borrow, with the promise of tomorrow being a better day, but when tomorrow comes it rains all day and then the next few days after that, then having to rethink where we’re at with it all, and it becomes evident things are not what they used to be, that times have changed but we didn’t change with it, which turns into a catch up game to muster up all we can, and so within that have created consequences.

Another example of the tables being turned is, when earning more than enough and not doing nothing with it, in the sense of not wanting to spend or give back to who was once there for you, that no one wants to talk about, but felt it too, I mean it’s very few in the world that wholeheartedly looks out for you, that you can probably count them on 2 fingers if not less, but within that, lessons is rarely learned, where the only thing said is; “Wait till my turn, I’m not going to help nobody out”, that most of us has said in a moment of drought, a lack of means that means everything in this day and age, but when the shoe is on the other foot, we turn into rage, that it’s a tight fit and would do anything to lessen the pain, instead of seeing where in my world have I done the same thing towards others.

I mean I’ve been on both sides of this table as it teetered and turned, to having to change my life style a few times now, and every time, something else opens up for me to see, to correct and change to live with stability and equality with all, but in common sense that’s not common when the mind’s telling you, you might lose everything, but interesting how I never lost everything until I had it all and hoarded what I had from myself in separation from all as myself, and so found myself upside down on the table, (so to speak).

Thing is, as long as we keep spinning in this emotional cycle, the turntable we use will keep playing the same record over again, that skips every time we miss a point we’re supposed to see, to start scratching the itches we create in our lives, and laying out the choices we’re to make beforehand, and come up with the best decision to guide our way, that way what we do is not only best for us, but best for all in every way.

Where the responsibility taken = I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to spin things in my favor, that favors me only and seems like a good idea in the moment of occurrence, but inevitably follows me into the experience of a turn table, skipping at the missed point, and so repeat what I have recorded as a patronized mistake over and over again, that has a life style changing effect on its own.

Where, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to force the acceptance of a life style change upon myself through my participation in actions that’s compromising, and experience the tables being turned, in the showing of me to myself, instead of seeing/realizing the need for a lifestyle change on my own and purposely/willingly doing it for me, which would be me changing with the times.

And so, when and as I see that changes need to be made in my life to accommodate with the present times, that would be in my best interest and so for all, I stop and breathe. I see/realize/understand that my same way of doing things is not always the best for me, but needs revamping from time to time, therefore; I commit myself to laying out before me choices to be made, beforehand, in the moment of despair and pair myself with a decision of expansion/growth and development that would ultimately allow me to reach my utmost potential and so turn a new chapter in my life and process, instead of proceeding on with the same old song and dance routine. Turn Table.

Thanks for reading.


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