Day 749: A Bothering Perspective

The assumption that someone is bothering you, unless they’re really bothering you through the antagonization of words and/or gestures, only becomes bothersome when reacting to seeing a splitting image of what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be like and perpetuate towards others in our own worlds, and so can’t stand it being done unto us.

I mean is it really a bother to seeing a pointed-out fact in a matter we’ve become too comfortable being in, and/or repeating, that may be bothersome to others who have no problem returning the favor and will savor the moment you become irritated = what we dish out may come back to us, but in ways that we don’t necessarily foresee coming, and now with Both-Ears hearing it, as we’re Both-Here seeing it, in the way of, ‘you spite me and I’ll spite you back’.

Interesting how we’re quick to say I don’t want to be bothered, when stuck between a thought and a mind possession of being bothered by my own lack of self-correction, meaning I saw it coming, but didn’t do anything about it, and now when questioned about it, say; “I know”, and don’t want to hear it, believing what someone has to say isn’t worth a “hill of beans” and will only fuel the fire of what we’re going through, in our eyes, but surprised when what they say is totally different than what we expected and supportive to the lessons we’re learning from it.

This bothersome reaction is mostly internalized when getting feedback on something we’re not willing to see, but face indubitably, that simply needs to be corrected, but strange how I myself was quick to stay within the reaction of doubt that, ‘did I myself really do this to me’, instead of immediately investigating the why and how do I clean up the mess I’ve made, and start bothering to do something about my own self-positioning placement.

Initially some of my reactions were like fractions that was hard to figure out, and so blamed on someone else bothering me, which made it hard for me to see what was being shown, and so prolonged the bothersome state I was in, walking around with an attitude on an altitude out there somewhere (in my mind), that I let interrupt my concentration of being Here correcting and changing me, so you see the bothering was not them, but me not bothering to see me in everything I do and participate in, while looking right at it, and when shown the obvious of what I saw but didn’t correct, became mad at myself for not correcting it before being shown it, (if that make sense).

But on the other hand (the flip side of the coin) at times we don’t want to be bothered, when having a few extra moments and wanting to spend it alone (how we please) that pleases us the most, outside of any Ego thing, but well needed self-time, some use for a smoke, or a short walk to soak in the all that is you, which can be misconstrued by others as something bothering you, but to remember it’s the Both, being Here and with yourself/myself, living in the moment, that’s rejuvenating at times, therefore;

I commit myself to redefining the word Bothering from; that of a pestering act done by others, that provokes me into an irritable reaction, to that of; Being Here and with myself Living, in moments of being shown something to do and doing something about it, which is in fact, me bothering to move me, because the only reason we become bothered is because we don’t bother to do anything about what we’re experiencing, until someone else shows us a mimic of ourselves. And that’s all I got to say about that.

Thanks for Reading.

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