Day 741: I’m Good

The thinking of Godhood in a way, where just as long as I do my good deed for the day, and take heed to the laws of man, places me one step above others, but in fact veils the 99 percent of bad that goes on in one’s mind on the daily basis. But “I’m good” as in I’m alright, means I’ve become comfortable with spiting others with all my might, to not uncover what’s really going on inside me, therefore they can’t be trusted, in my eyes and believe the lies I told myself to justify my own lack of self-control, and so want to control those in my world who scares the s*** out of me, because I can’t read them like I do all the rest, instead would rather deceive them as a form of test, with my goodness, then kill them with kindness, just to find the weakness within.

We’ll do just about anything to get what we want, and feel there’s a need to be good to get it, which stems from childhood saying “I’ll be Good”, when your parents threaten to take something away, and when you do something good you’re told ‘Good boy’, that we now tell dogs who looks at us crazy, but unconditionally conform to what we’re saying, in light of a treat as we were treated, to following commands and don’t ask questions, when following the carrot on the string hanging over our heads.

They say “Good Boys” finish last, while ‘Good ole Boys’ run things and every girl wants a “Bad Boy” to even them out, as a protection and defense mechanism to lessen the threat, just as long as they keep being good to me, but we was trained this way to protect our vested interest, or better yet to protect the feeling that’s being given to us, and if the feeling stop coming, then your goodness was for nothing, followed by the claim that you wasn’t good enough for me.

After the change we want to stay in their ‘Good Graces’, just in case we can go back to the ‘Good ole days’ of reliving the past and get a second chance again, to find in the end that things are just the same old way, of perpetuating the good to get what we want, but this time being taunted the whole way through, and desperation is what keeps us freebasing for Love that somehow never comes through.

So we start to question the decisions that we made and want to do something about it, saying “My Goodness”, I mean “Goodness gracious”, why did I ever allow this, and where is karma when you need it the most, for all the good things I did for them, and stay stuck within the idea that Ima stay good to attract somebody better than them, and remain that way, good karma never comes until we’re blue in the face, because we didn’t face our facetious Mind and all the deceit that has taken place.

Moral of the story is, all the good you do won’t make a place for you in heaven, when heaven is but a program within you, that’s a spam of deceit, when deceiving yourself into believe we had good intentions, when all the while what we’ve done is limited ourselves from living good as an expression, that’s treating others as you would like to be treated, to give your life a new direction.

Then life would be good, because I’ve placed myself within and as the goodness of life, by investigating all things and keeping that which is good, and eradicated all my spite, but obviously I’m still a work in progress because I’m writing about it and will continue to write to right my wrongs, as a stand to doing something about it, without a doubt to experience change when all said and done. How about you!

Thanks for reading.

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