Day 740: Things Unseen (Perspective)

Are the things we cling onto from our past that comes up in moments of passing time, as far back as we can remember that seems harmless, but harness the truth of what we have accepted and allowed, from what we’ve said and/or did in elementary school toward that kid in our class, that we still do today towards others in our world, that has now become second nature of our human nature of separation, where in spite we stay, despite feeling indifferent about our actions, to what we thought yesterday about someone halfway around the world, to wanting to see what the future holds for me, and if thought about too much could alter the present, that creates our future from a past tense perspective, and lessen or chance for expansion/growth and development.

What we don’t see with our eyes is often time shown to us through pain that we didn’t see coming, but feel it extensively, that causes a reaction as a defense mechanism, that in fact stop the thoughts we were participating in and redirects our focus back on me, to start the process all over again in the next moments to come, how am I experiencing me, now that I’m seeing these ‘unseen things’?

Meaning all pain doesn’t come through not eating right, but not thinking right for what it’s worth, where from a thought could manifest calcium and plague build up in the arteries of limbs, that’s called Atherosclerosis, where over time plague hardens and narrow the arteries, making it hard for blood to flow through your veins, and if your heart stop pumping, so do the systems inside you, so why not correct if from a different point of view.

Where if I’m the thinker of what I put in my body that react to it in a certain way, makes me the thinker of my own demise = the thoughts I think are not healthy for me, which encompasses all past memories I still bring up today, including the ones I wish would fade away, that has position themselves in a peculiar space within my mind and body as the things unseen, which means I have the power to correct that to, making the statement ‘you did it to yourself’ the truth of things, and if the truth reside within me, then the answer is me and all I have to do is lay it out in front of me, to see the real me that’s not only seen with my own two eyes, but subtly felt inside whenever I focus on me.

So, the point is to focus more on our breathing when thoughts and old memories comes up, to not live and let live the recreation of a past that’s long gone and should be forgiven, and unconditionally let go of, to get the most out of the present, when now seeing clearly the way things is, that has bogged us down and falling down within it, then looking up from in it knowing that it is possible to figure a way out, without doubt as an obstacle or some sort of spectacle, that’s correctable when seeing things from an inverted perspective, meaning what am I not allowing myself to see, when looking at ways to enhance the best of me to reach my utmost potential and blend in with life, that’s our inherited right when realizing to live what’s best for all in Oneness and Equality, which starts with me seeing and correcting the ‘Things Unseen’ in my own life. As we all are, a work in progress.

Thanks for reading.


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