Day 739: Long Lasting Effects

Unlike Marijuana that only stays in your system for a few months at a time, (depending on the usage amount), what we do towards one another and so ourselves, as the drug that incapacitates us, has a long lasting effect, that cannot be corrected through waiting for time to heal all things, thinking that time apart spawns a forgetfulness as a cure to our infractions, and even when seeing them again and hearing; “Oh I forgot all about that”, is but the prolonging of an inevitable consequential playout that will happen, so best beware, things do and will come back and haunt you.

Unnoticeably more so when making selfless mistakes, where we make Self less than the energy derived from what we’re doing in the moment, that ‘feels good’, and considered as a recharge to our Ego, but after the energy goes away and dissipates, we’re left in a state of despair wondering, how could I have done this to me, and if so realized so many others, where recognition is only that, and not the correction that still needs to be done, in order to stop these refractions from happening.

When realizing more so during the consequential phase, the more they come the more we fade, back into the belief system in which we were raised, and within that for most is where we stay, then continue to repeat the same mistakes, instead of looking for a permanent solution to changing our ways, that houses no belief or faulty faith prescription, when walking through and facing our real intention, applying Self-Forgiveness, then living what we’ve mention as the correction to changing our whole existence.

The long-lasting effects of things, have compressed to this one point in time, meaning what we’ve done, is now coming to the light in our own lives, where we’re experiencing it firsthand, but have deceived ourselves into believing it’s them and not us as the problem, although others may have played a major part in it, we also have put our own selves within it, by our own volition, strength and might, to now experiencing and walking through what we’ve dished out, and I might lose more friends for saying this out loud, because No one wants to hear what this is really all about, until things become rough in ones own life, but until then I’d rather live within ignorance in spite of not knowing, until the inevitability of consequences start rolling in, and then will I realize I could have Helped a friend, (let alone myself), that would have helped me, instead of blinding myself with the lights of Greed and Fear of loss, I had more than enough, but now stuck within the long lasting effects of what I’ve done.

Ha ha, is just a smile away from crying, when urgently we should make changes to our intentions and tend to the one we see in the mirror, instead of the idea of what others may think about us, than keeping up the lifestyle of living it up, alone, which can only last for so long, you see I’ve been in this position to quite a long time, that doesn’t change unless we change our minds, from separation to accepting the invitation that Life presents to us, to experiencing the long lasting effects of real change.

Because how long can we last in world of pain, inflicted onto ourselves by ourselves, instead of investigating what this pain is showing us, that we’re not seeing that medicine only suppress, and marijuana only hides until we care less, not to point out the wrongs of it, because if it helps you that’s fine, to realize the long lasting effects of the mind, and to check our balances of balancing our participation within the system, to no longer victimize myself within it, but to stand within and as it and direct myself through it and out of it, while walking through my process of correction and change.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the long lasting effects of things in my life that I’ve created for myself, accumulate to consequences unseen that I now face and walking through, that has its own long lasting effect, seeming endless, the more I walk the more I see, that shouldn’t be a point of lessening me, but a lesson for me to not recreate the same thing again, but to correct and experience the long lasting effects of what real change is. And so, to realize this is just one moment in time, to not be taken lightly, but corrected correctly.

Thanks for reading.


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