Day 738: “Those without Sin, Let them Cast the First Stone”

In other words, “Judge not lest ‘Ye be Judged”, and even if you’re judged it’s not to judge others, as they are judging themselves, but whose to say, when I’m in the midst of walking myself out of my own personal problems, as the person that allowed them to be created in the first place, and in first place to tell others what I see about them, in their words, because I know how to word things correctly, meaning I’m seeing it, but am I introspectively living and directing it accordingly in my own life before picking a fight (veiled as assistance) to cover up what’s really going on inside of me.

We often times speak about what we see, from an outsiders perspective and expect the way we handled it to be the same for all, without realizing each curve in every single ball, that’s each person’s problems that’s formulated differently, that’s meant to be for that own person’s inherited resolve, so what I see, maybe not a clear picture, when history has shown that we’re preaching to the choir, with an innate desire to be seen as right, but if I have to say why I’m right, that’s spite so subtly crafted on the road to being wrong.

But it sounds good and may work, if it self-honestly resonates with me, but self-honestly do we live every word we speak, or just recite from the things we’ve come to believe, and leave to not live, to be the change we want to see, this is much (much) more than I help you and you help me, unaware that it’s stones we’ve unconsciously thrown, then told if you react to it you must be wrong, because it’s not me it’s you, what more can I do when all that was done was reaching out to you, and didn’t know how else to put it or say it as best as I can, I mean I can take criticism, but Sinicism is spite, although it may be right, it still feels like a blow, and I know the truth hurt that’s why I’ll take it and grow, but “Whoa”… Do best to remember those without sin, let them cast the first stone, then realize you just hit your own Self in the face. And that all I got to say about that.

But that’s not it.

Where have I done the same to/towards others in my world, in the past, that hadn’t been corrected, to what we experience today, and so; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have fallen without correction, but felt I was capable of telling someone else what they need to do/should be doing in their own life, and didn’t hold no punches, veiled as assistance, but a conflict of interest when I hadn’t walked the point myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have tried to cover up things I was going through by throwing back in others faces what I see in their life, wrong and what they need to do about it.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have lived in a state of sin, then judged others for the sins they’ve done, when I had nothing to do with it, but saw it as an opportunity to speak my mind to others instead of taking my own advice.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think I had the right to advise others, without being asked for it, and haven’t walked completely through into correction what I was advising about, which makes it that much harder for me to see and use on myself the advice I was give, because my vice was ‘seeking attention’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize the backfire of things that I’ve dished out in the past, that may come to fruition at times in the present, that lessens the point of correction, that needs to be realize in the Here and Now, to experiencing the same being done unto me/unto us, that needs to be corrected by listening more, instead of trying to preach to others or be seen as knowing what I’m talking about, without living it first myself.

And that’s why I’ve taken the time to find corrective assistance, that was well needed in my life, from those who’ve walked through and lived the corrections to the points you and I face, (Whomever you are) but if you haven’t, why say anything at all? And that all I got to say about that.

Thanks for reading.

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