Day 733: Nowadays of the Past (Perspective)

History, the instrument of His-Torment we make it our own and don’t want to claim it if it’s bad and repressive, unless it’s in our favor do we bring it up to relive, creating the danger that our future possess and hold a breast to the reality we live in, in sin again, in the Nowadays of a Past that’s tense when giving in to the suspense of what’s to come, I mean do bums see more clearly than we do, that has brushed aside the following of suit, that we still wholeheartedly cling onto, to not bruise the Ego we’ve gotten so used to, and move throughout our lives as if it was ground hogs day (the movie), where you wake up in the morning back in the same day, stuck in the Nowadays of the Past and our same old way, to wearing the same clothes that was popular in the 70’s, and still believe heaven is the place to be, instead of realizing Heaven could be right here in this reality, on this earth right here with you and me, to living happily ever after and on to the next chapter, that you can only imagine what’s possible by us.

From New Age Enlightenment to Spiritual Alignment, are but the same old concepts of abdicate our responsibility, stating that ‘you don’t exist and none of this really matters’, except the words that made you RICH, “well s*** if it’s that easy I would stick with it too” and become that Linguist that brainwashes you and all who neverminded the reciprocation of consequence, but consciously played a major part within it, which we all still do and it’s all our fault, but if money wasn’t an object of desire would you call halt to the need for concepts, and conquest over other men, that’s been going on for Generations on end?

Then getting to a point of saying words cannot describe, when the words we speak creates our lives, that’s why we repeat things over again, not realizing that it’s a memory from our past we’re living in, that create our future in the Nowadays of the past, that makes no sense with time’s going by fast, straight into the compounding effect of a Crash, where things have compressed to one point then smash, because we’ve exchanged in our correction for having a blast, and made everything we do all about cash and walk around in character wearing a mask, instead of being focused right here on the task at hand. And so,

The moment before now was a past tense expression, which makes now a good time for the point of correction, which would be; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to live in the Nowadays of the past, that I’ve created back then, but still live now, that makes my life a recycling thing of reoccurring memories that I live religiously.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to lose focus on what’s present, by distorting it with memories from my past, that I create the same/similar mistake from it, to re-staking the claim of being lost within it, and have lived this way for years on end.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become comfortable in thought about what has been, in wanting to repeat what excited me back then, to relive the energy within it again and again, that takes away from me being present. And so on and so forth until our Nowadays have become the Nowadays of change. Thank you for reading.


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