Day 732: Saying a Lot, without Speaking a Word

The thoughts we think is like the words we speak, that’s bleak in silence without making a sound, then look around to see if anyone heard what you said, and beg to differ if anyone calls you out, stating, but I didn’t say nothing, when it’s written all over your face in frown, and expressions that lessens the real you, and who you are right now is but a fragment of refractions that just so happens to get the best of you.

We stay busy in a mind that’s busy with other people’s business that’s not our own, and phones were made to keep us engaged while the mind extracts from our bones, and so get old while thinking we’re wise, when a gray air pops on our head, and all this done without making a sound, as if we’re already dead.

Internally a conversation goes on every second of the day that won’t turn off in our minds, that’s filled with memories and remembrance of things, we’ve done in the past, in this life time, thing is, every scenario we see and re-create to this day, is fated to be about someone else, or self in a position with ill intention of giving up when all else fails.

I can do bad by myself is a statement of a man who wouldn’t let others drag him down, instead of realizing the dragging he was doing to himself, that wasn’t corrected until now, it’s interesting how we talk about things to ourselves and never bring them out, but when we do it’s a watered-down version that’s coming out of our mouth.

Spite has become so prevalent in fear, that we’d rather take things to the grave, where being right has become a point of manipulation till everything we say is staged, we create Wayz in Maps a direction App, instead of Mapping out Ways to change, if you don’t say nothing then I won’t either, and Humanity stays the same, where together we’ll fall and we make sure of that, by downing those who speak their mind, stating keep it to yourself it’s better that way, that way they don’t take what’s mine.

Everybody wants to be a mind reader just to find that we all think the same, so the mind reading fascination is to point others out, so no one sees your shame, to remain in the lime light until others get too close, then you show them the slight of hand trick, to shift the attention of man from you give them Lotteries and Quick Picks.

It all a side show that’s created in the mind during conversations all alone, then create think tanks from our memory banks that socially engineer the poor, we accept this as a norm because we let it go on for so long it’s nearly impossible to change, we’ve chosen comfort over our ability to speak and not see this as a strange thing.

When reading things, we imagine what we will as possibilities out of self-interest, and if it’s not something that will make me feel good about myself, I’ll soon be done with it, where the News compliments the bearer that only say it how he sees it, with no script or letter but a real time freestyle that’s not just always so pleasing.

We say an awful lot without making a sound with our body language as well, in the way we walk when someone is looking, then fall for such a spell, where our imagination takes hold of us and say all sorts of things, to the brink of wanting to say something, but still don’t whisper a peep.

So the sum of all things is to say what we mean in the moment when things occur, to not be taken with you afterward and thought about all day and into the next day and so on, because what happens is, and for me, I lose track on what’s pressing and at hand, where it’s easy to miss something or forget something, in a moment of rush that we create for ourselves, by being distracted with these internal conversations and backchat in our minds, all about others, and to correct this is to stop for a moment, take a breath, and I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to take with me conversations from my past and think about them all day, into saying a lot in my mind without making a sound, that distracts me from what pressing, in the moment and at hand, to rushing into things, making mistakes and forgetting things, that if I would but say what it is, in the moment of occurrence, time wouldn’t be wasted when I need it the most. And so, commit myself to saying what it is that I want to say in the moment when things occur, to not take with me into my daily routine, that would keep me focused on and in the present with things, without thinking out loud.

Thanks for reading.

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