Day 727: You Can Stop This

As the potluck of emotions when thinking about the thoughts we’ve chosen to catapult us into a frozen state of stagnation, waiting for a saving, that will never happen, because we’ve selected to give up and give in, in moments when we should have stood up straight, aligned our spine and raised our chin slightly, enough to walk ourselves out of the mess we’re in.

I was recently told, “Every beginning has an end”, where you can stop this if you’re willing, and where there’s a will there’s a way, so staying within it, seems pretty silly, but really when facing the bottom we fail to look up, which sadly perpetuates the point of being stuck, in chase after the energy that sympathy brings, when telling someone “you know what I mean”, that don’t really know until you drag them down to your level, without realizing the next stop is only a moment away from being mellow and calm, with no need for the “Songs of Solomon” and the “Prayers of Psalms”, or a meditative constant tone of “Awmmmm”, if it didn’t work for you/me then, it sure won’t work now, where you/me IS the answer to the only way out.

This this that I speak about is every problem we face, every situation we chose to stay within and wait, every point of creation we’ve created and made, that didn’t stand on its own with every step we’ve taken, to making decisions under a cloud of judgement, in judging ourselves for being a part of it, to the core, then erupt and think nothing of it, then shove it back down inside of our stomach, (as a reference to food is how I see this), suppressing it to justify the mood we’re in, then spin it off the backs and minds of other men, where in sin we were raised and in sin we’ll end, if we don’t stop this point of madness and self-manipulation.

You can stop this, as a ‘Note to ‘Self, just ask for help when all else fails, but only after you’ve taken self-responsibility in all that you could do, then at that point help might come to you, and it might not be the type of help that you’re looking for, being that we constantly ignore our fault in the matter, and look for a burden replacement as a quick relief, instead of a mental adjustment that’s well needed – to seed’ the advice that’s given to you, and water it with investigation and self-corrective statements, so that your tree of life may shine through, until all that you do is what’s best for all.

The Shock and Awe experience that comes after a mind possession, saying Awe man, how did I Shock myself into doing this to me, (as if I stuck my finger in a light plug and watched a light bulb come on above my head, with an idea of grandeur that seem cool at the time), is the realization that I wasted all this time for nothing, but something had to happen for me to see things differently and clearly to get to the bare of me, to expose my behaviors, ways and deeds, to see if I’m able to stand absolutely, as all life, which starts with me correcting the mistakes I’ve made, and to not judge myself for my passing ways, but to stay within the moment and own it to change, because if I can do this as a suggestive, you could do the same, and HERE (DIP Lite) is where I started to STOP playing mind games, but still on a progressive WALK in my progress of change.

Thanks for reading.

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