Day 726: How Do You Know?

They say knowing is half the battle, in the age of knowledge and information, where we battle against one another to see who knows the most, that comes from someone else and stick to our guns as if we saw it first hand and/or investigated it for our-Self, tried, tested and true and invested the time it took to figure it out for ourselves, before we go blabbing about what we think we know, that’s just a script courtesy of the last person who got the information from a tip given by someone else.

I heard that knowledge without application is useless, so I tried it out for myself and realized that I was just a know it all that didn’t know s***, let alone myself, so I quit the band standing and started my investigation with the History of Mankind that didn’t stand in Oneness and Equality with all as life, just to find out the Truth of the matter was in reverse and really Hurt (Which is truth backwards without the T) – that I became an actor with preprogrammed lines in the “Play of Circumstance”, which had me running around in circles, while standing in one spot, talking about what everyone else got, instead of looking at me.

“But how do you know”, is the question that’s accompanied by, He or She said and I believe, that’s only spoken when what we say is in question, instead of; “Don’t believe me, investigate it for yourself” that I’ve done for me, that won’t happen because the word investigation is shunned upon by many, that takes away from the time we value in doing nothing, because the rest of the time is spent surviving in the system of “I’ll just do, say and believe what I’m told”, that works for me and I’m fine.

Interesting how we’ll make statements about things that’s widely spread and everyone believe, and use as a conversation piece like “Dogs are color blind” and that’s it, without realizing how dogs can obviously see more than just color, being that if you walk passed a brick walk on the street alone, how is it that a dog on the other side barks at you before you even get there, and/or sitting in the house with your dog, expecting someone to come by or home, when they pull up/walk up, the dog start barking and you say ‘What is it boy” and the person you’re expecting then knocks on the door, that for a spit second we’re perplexed but leave it at that, blaming it on they can just sense things, that takes away from the exceptional seeing abilities they have, as just one example.

But sitting in a gathering/get together, let’s say at a Barbeque or elsewhere, with a group of friends with different conversations going on at the same time, things we say are taken for face bases, where what we know and talk about is subject to reality shows, social media and “I feels”, where our feelings trump any common sensical conversation one could have, and if you impede on them, you’ll be seen as a party pooper and scooped into a category of a negative downer, and will not be invited to the next function, lol.

All and all the reason for this blog is a note to the Selves we are, to before speaking/believing and acting on what we’ve heard/seen and or thought about, to ask ourselves the question “How Do you Know”, that way, what we talk about is in fact what we’ve investigated and so lived.

Thanks for reading.

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