Day 724: Human Programming to Self-Automation (Perspective)

From young we’re asked; “What do you want to be when you grow up”, then recite from a programmed list of things we already have stored in our minds, that we’ve gathered from the reality around us, the environment we live in and our parents, which is interesting, because when having a look at it, it’s like a test question asked by our parent and/or teachers to see if we’re programmed correctly, in essence, ‘did I do a good enough job programming you the way I was, and if the child respond with ‘I don’t know’ or something off the wall like wanting to be an animal or something else, instead of asking why this is, we’re then tweaked into a programmable state of conformality, that we then take into self-automation and carry with us throughout the rest of our lives, without realizing how we’ve adopted the programming of ourselves since childhood, so now what we repetitively see, we store and become that in which it is, creating a personality around it, until it embodies and suffocates who we really are, and believe this to be the real me.

I did it to myself without realizing it, but with help from the inundation of social media, T.V., Music (of course) and the different group (belief systems) I choose to be in, where if something sparks my interest as the ‘IN’ thing, through self-automation, I ‘tweak’ my own programming (personality creation), to make it fit into my list of things I wanted to be when I grew up, and so now all grown up, I can be any of these things I’ve built a basis around, to at any moment grow into and perpetuate as the new me, which is just a character I’ve created as who I now believe myself to be.

We’ve all become programmers of ourselves and of those around us in our worlds, and for some on a global level, where one of the most prolific mind control techniques now is Music, that puts you in the mood according to one’s own perceived imbalance within oneself, with a belief that I need to fill this void left in me from a past relationship, interaction and/or being told something that I can’t deal with right now and/or do anything about, so my retaliation is done through the music I listen to, that empowers me to become that in which I’m hearing for a moment, but when the song is over, the let down as hopelessness and victimization ensues, as the energy I derived from the music is gone, but want to hear this song over and over again to relive the moment, and if that’s not enough, some of us get high while listening to it, so it sticks in our heads on repeat, and so once again have choose self-automation to conform even more to the Human Programming we already exist as.

Advertisement that ties in with Human-Programming, is the spam that corrupts our beingness, that goes unnoticed the most when wanting to be like the person on the Billboard, and drive that car, and live in that house, because, I’m close to being what I think I wanted to be when I grew up, and now up I’ve grown, following my own self-automated design, and think I’m fine as I perceive, but couldn’t see how in the process I was losing me, and having lost our way, away from connecting with everything in this reality as me, to being a slave to my own Self-Automation, as a product of my own self positioning placement.

A foreign topic to most this is, because what’s being discussed is unseen, like the ghost in a shell, but seen through the actions we perpetuate, and hate to admit that I’m suffering from a trait of my own Self-Automation, meaning I began adding to the Human- Programming of me with Self-Automation, when I became old enough to realize that I’m that person in the mirror, which makes me responsible for who I have become.

Therefore, this Journey to Life, from Consciousness to Awareness (that I’m walking/We’re walking) is the actual exploration into Self, to see what has always be right in front of our faces, and as our face, with what we face on a daily basis, as the all of who we really are as life, and what life is in fact, being everything around us, that doesn’t take Self-Automation, but patience to see and realize all as me, and into correction, which is definitely a work in progress. But so, if you’re looking to correct and change what you have gown up to be, into who you really are as life, I suggest the Desteni I Process Lite, as a start, that has assisted me to see how I have been programmed, into programming myself, to realizing I have the power to change this programming and recreate myself to something more than just the Automated Self I existed as.

Thanks for reading.

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