Day 723: This Reminds Me Of…

Without wanting to remember, but yet and still the memory comes up, and continue coming up, even when we don’t want it to, especially know what the tumbling effect may bring, back down, into the rabbit hole we go onto memory lane, and if it a good memory (parity), we long for the experience of it again, but if it’s a disturbing memory, we blame the trigger point for sending us back into it, without correcting it.

Easy to access but hard to get rid of, these memories will always be there, waiting for the right moment to keep us lock into the idea of what has been in our lives, that would create the future experience of us from past experiences, in every moment missing the present, even if the memory housed a profound realization about oneself, it becomes hard to expound/act on this realization, if we keep trying to live up to it, instead of living it.

An often said statement, when with someone from our past (Family member/Old friend) when seeing something/do something that re-hashes; “This remind me of the time when we”…, that’s coupled by those was the days, into, I’m glad I met up with you again, we should have done this a long time ago, is the point we use to validate keeping these memories fresh in our minds, I mean within that, all it takes is for a moment of silence when searching for something to say, then pick up on the next thing you see, to be used as a conversation piece and trigger point to accessing old memories again, to keep the conversation alive, simply because we really don’t have anything to talk about, because of not knowing the adult version of this person, who they are now.

And of course this happens more frequently in the accessing of Newly created memories, when looking at/seeing simple things in our daily lives, such as for me, My travel toothbrush, where the other day standing in my bathroom, looking in the cabinet and seeing it, brought up the last profound trip I was on with it, which was Colorado and start going back into the trip again, but to go into it now is to conform to the “This remind me of” trigger point that would take me away from the moment of focus it takes for me to write this now.

Thing is I don’t need a reminder for the things I’ve experienced and should be expressing as a moment with me now, because if I’m reminded, means I’ve forgot about it and/or suppressed it, mostly with points not seen or overlooked, then the reminder becomes a trailer that pulls one into the direction of correction, which makes the reminder cool in essence, without the accessing and going beck into the memory connected to it. And if the memory does arise, investigation is needed to see why this reminder is so pressing and prevalent.

On the other hand, within investigation, every correction reminds me of the more that’s needed to be corrected within myself, so a two-way street (so to speak) this is, where the re-definition thereof would be; I commit myself to redefining the phrase “This Remind Me Of”, from that explained above, to that of; “A showing to oneself what I have suppressed, not seen, overlooked and/or forgot about correcting to correct it, that gifts me the moment to take action when seeing the memory connected to it. And that’s it.

Thanks for reading.

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