Day 721: A Belittled Perspective (Real Ouick)

Just as quick as it comes, the mini me of course is the limitations we place on ourselves, stating to oneself; “You can’t do anything right, what’s wrong with you”, instead of coming to grips with what one has done, then saying; “Come one Man or Woman, pull yourself together”, then stand up from the infraction that has occurred in our lives, but would rather beat ourselves up about it, without cord or string, as the noose around our neck that tightens our connection to the circumstance we’re in, in a moment of powerlessness, devout our-self to consciousness, in a constant fear that I’m not good enough, and so needs to be punished, in some extreme cases that degrades the Self we have created and now have to live with.

Then start believing we’re less than, with an anthem of a sad song playing in the back drop of our minds, that compliments the mood we’re in, Saying; “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”, that represent how we’ve lost ourselves in a moment of unawareness and now blame others with ourselves for not being aware enough to do better, when the gift in it all is stepping outside the little box were in, with a do better Attitude, where At-it-I-do all I can to get me out of this funk I’m in, because time waits for no one, and no one has time to wait for you to stand up, until you do it for yourself, that becomes a big thing, when belittlement is the bog the holds us down and back from seeing the big picture, that we’re all in a process of change, and change we will, how long it takes is up to me, but still as I’m walking these points I’m starting to see, how all of this is extra Stuffing that’s clouding my vision from getting to the meat of the matter, the root cause of things more quickly, that would swiftly change me from who I have become, to who I am as life, so for this;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize/understand how belittlement is a connecting factor to the circumstance one is in, being that we beat ourselves up about placing ourselves in such positions, then start replaying over the circumstances leading up to this position placement, that makes it that much harder to get out of, because we then start adding in, “If only I would have done this or that differently”, that keeps us in the funk of it all.

Therefore; When and as I see myself placing myself within a limiting position of belittlement, beating myself up about something that’s unchangeable, but correctable, I stop and breathe, then move towards the correction phase of it. I see/realize/understand that the gift within it all, is the realization that something needs to change within me, being that I now see how I have created this self-positioning placement for myself, and so a way out/light at the end of the tunnel (so to speak), without all the extra Stuff I add onto it, such as belittling me, and so commit myself to dropping this extra baggage to see clearly the root cause of it all, and immediately go into the correction phase of it and live it, into being the change I want to see and be in me., because the little things is what shows us the big picture, as I stand up and expand myself, within the process I’m walking.

Thanks for reading.

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