Day 717: A Financial Perspective

Finance; “The final frontier between living with some comfort, being broke and/or Poor, call by many names, but a means to survive from one day to the next in a world that has plenty, where hoarder are present that want more, and middle men that has become more greedier and greedier, as the prices of everything has dropped, because now everyone believe they can do what you do, and so enter into your profession and f*** up the market, no matter Corporate/Private or Mom and Pops, where the quality of what you do speaks for itself, that demands the price tag you put on it, but the price of what these make shift manufactures product (Even at a much lesser quality) is more appealing to the eye of the buyer, who only see $dollar$ signs, and would sabotage relationships to get to it.

Which makes public relations in any industry a hassle, being inundated with calls of disgust from displeased customers and client, that at this point have no other way to buy a more quality version of the s*** that’s being sold to them, being that they’ve been reeled in with something good, but now getting something not so good, that only for a moment still do the job, but will soon break and fall apart, but become comfortable with the price break, then buying another one again, instead of paying the extra for quality.

A momentary sense of accomplishment that ‘I have one to’, but still can’t “Keep up with the Joneses” because they buy quality stuff, and my finances are stretched to the max, because I choose to buy at a lesser quality and so now feeling it in my pockets, to pocketing pennies instead of dollars, but thought that I would always be able to save a dime, because what’s coming in, makes a substantial amount for me to splurge a bit, but didn’t see this coming, and so got caught between a market crunch and have to make the necessary adjustments to be the “Joneses” I used to try and keep up with, and so now walking the consequences for it, into being that.

Finances can be a tricking thing, especially to one coming from a background within a family stuck between the have’s’ and have nots’, with just enough for me not to ever want for anything, to being given a hand out without asking for things throughout my life, and into adulthood, where the money was always there, and didn’t feel the need for anything extra, because I was satisfied with what I had, which was good, but not good at the same time, in the sense of being late to really being out on my own, by myself without any help from anyone at all, which took me quite a while to get used to, and get it all together, but I did and enjoy having my own place, transportation to get around and a business to run, and did it all by myself, for the first time in my life, but as some know and most of us come into realizing, unforeseen circumstances comes into play and play they do, pushing one to the brink of collapse, that perhaps would have already happen, honestly, if it wasn’t for the “Tools” that Desteni presented to me, (through my investigation) of course, that calls for a re-calibration in what I do and the way I’m doing it, to seeing the timing of an upscale of sort, that’s within my process of doing, while walking a fine line between walking my process/remaining stable and moving forward with the minimal I have, which can be a challenge, but a gift at the same time

A turtle step of patience is what’s needed that I see when dealing with and in any form of finance depravity, to calculate/weigh/cover all aspects of what one is doing and/or have realized that needs to be done, to not get caught out there again, within the business one is perpetuating and most importantly Without stepping on any toes, because the outcome should and will speak for itself. And although can be misconstrued as a step back, is only a minor setback of re-evaluation, that gifts one into looking with clear eyes towards the best way forward, and so now see it that way.

Finance = I’m Fine with buy another niche of time to keep me living the way I would like, out of self-interest that interest my Ego into believing that the economy is more important than the Earthling and all life on this planet, which is backward, because no one can see the Economy in a solidified form, but look at each other every day: Doesn’t make sense, but dollars it do which has become the ruling common sense of Humanity, I mean how backwards is that, but I too live in it, have to deal with it, but will make the best of it, by starting with changing Me, to get to it as a whole and so with each one perfecting themselves within this point would change the way the world operates as it, therefore;

I commit myself to redefining Finances to that of; Finding and seeing my ability to make a difference in this world, starting with the paper I use in my world that comes from trees and so see tree as a form of life that breathe oxygen to make life better for all on this planet and so now plant my seeding of understanding and realization into action and acting on it.

Thanks for reading.

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