Day 715: The Overwhelming Effect of Consequences

When you think you’re at the cusp of a breakthrough, while walking through consequences, is where the point of comfortability comes into play, and if not careful one may slip/ fall back into making more mistakes that would then add on to the consequences one is already facing, because one can see the finish line (per se) and want to rush to it, and so become a bit sloppy with what one is doing, that could then transform into a lifestyle changing experience, and if one would ever experience a setback this is it, which brings up hopelessness/helplessness, the point of victimization and blame that if not seen/realized/understood, faced and walked through immediately into correction, will encourage the point of giving up, to giving up on the life one is attempting to live, to again living live without direction, because one is being directed by one’s thoughts/feeling/emotion, that stops ones motion/forward movement/progress in one’s process, which is extremely overwhelming.

You then say to yourself, “I was doing all I can to change from the old me to becoming a new me so where is this all coming from”, that opens the door for questioning ones resolve thus far in one’s process, but what’s overlooked is the subtle occurrences of what one has done and not faced in one’s past, that’s now presented through making the same or similar mistake to be realized walked through and corrected, which is the compounding effect of what one is currently facing, and so when looking at it, becomes more clear as to what’s really going on, and have to realize that it’s not the end of the world (although it may seem), but a gift in a way that’s assisting to show how one has lived in a limited space of separation in one’s own world for so long, and now it’s time to change, to create my world as a support to reach my utmost potential, and potentially change the world as we know it, that we all live in.

I mean this is a lot to swallow, and no one wants to hear and/or see how I/we have put ourselves in such a precarious position, and so remain stuck in a time loop, for years on end, and for most to the end of their life, without realizing; “Hey wait a minute, I’ve been here before”, “I’ve been doing the same thing forever”, so these consequences and resistance to facing them must be the changing factor in my life, and so needs to be walked through, because I’m tired of trying to be different and accept the point of me being the change I want to see in me, and so this world as a whole.

You create a problem and they will come, you act/behave a certain way and they will come, you separate yourself from others without realizing them as yourself, through an argument/fight/manipulation/abuse/blame and/or disregard thereof etc., spawning making bad choices and decisions and they will come, the consequences we face and see as life handing us a lemon, because it leaves a sour taste in our mouths, without realizing the sour space we’ve created for other to live in and so ourselves, can be overwhelming, but when seen as getting over-with-it, (the hell we’ve put ourselves through), makes it easier to accept/face and walk though, although it’s not a cakewalk – easy by any means.

Interesting how even after investigating and writing it out, we still have to walk the rest of the way through these consequences, but want to/and do, use resting as an excuse, as a point of taking a break from it all, which ok, gives one time to look at it, but not to dwell on it, being that if you dwell on it, you fall into the Demons Well (hypothetically speaking) with the mindset that I’m not Doing Well and feel sick, that halts the Well-being of our beingness and human physical body, because we’ve attached a reaction to the overwhelming effect of consequences, while walking through them, which has now made it that much harder for us to stand up from within it.

But standing up is what one should/need to and will eventually do, being that this day and age is the time for self-correction and change, whether you like it or not, because you can’t run away from yourself, and your Self is what’s holding you together, so together with Self you and I will get through it.

[Note to Self-] Keep walking and when falling, keep standing and once standing realize that you have to and WILL get through this, if you are to experience any progress/forward movement and change within the process you’re walking, to walking and doing that which is best for all life, always in all ways. As my process is a work in progress. So, Moving On!

Thanks for reading.

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