Day 713: All About A Man (Perspective) Pt.1

The hardness, tensing up and fist clinching feeling, to poking one’s chest out with your chin raised to the ceiling, jawbone protruding with a slight mean mugged frown, is perpetuated when hearing or saying this word out Loud; “Man”. I’m a man and will stand up for what I be-Lie-ve is mine, but in the mind we trust which makes it all a Lie, an oxymoron of sort where the Ego has stepped in, and instead of letting the energy go, we hold it within’ the proud look we give ourselves as a projected ‘turn on’ towards the opposite sex, but when the sex don’t turn us on, we’re quick to say next, but heck this is not what a man is all about, outside of protecting your children, spouse and house, without spouting a dominant word out your mouth, more than just having a beer and sitting on the couch, and after work is done there’s still work to do, that if done will show the real man in you, in me, that’s often hard to see, because of all we’ve take on as responsibilities, constantly looking for a means to survive and a way to stay alive, I’m doing that too, but where is the real Man that’s yet to be seen, that’s waiting to come through in me and you?

Let’s have a man to man talk, mono E mono, where in, most of what being talking about is shallow and hollow, that claims need to be done for you to understand that I’m a man too, so don’t step on my toes and I won’t step on you, which is usually done in fear about relationships or finance, and just by chance you might have called me out of my name, without knowing my name, I mean it’s a shame, that almost every man has done the same thing.

We love to blame, but behind the back of another, instead of taking responsibility for what we’ve done to another, then look him in the eye like “What’s up brother”, but when the truth is out we’re quick to take cover and cower at the drop of a dime, then turn coat, recanting the words we said by saying nope, they took me wrong, I didn’t mean it like that, what I meant was… and that part right there is the trap, where there’s now too much libido floating around in the room and if anyone else is there, conflict ensues, but if not temperatures will only run so high for a moment, then agree upon a misunderstanding and done with it, and go our separate ways into our own mind space, but tell someone else how we’ve conquered the day.

While looking at the lady in the red dress, that makes our head turn twice, we miss the obvious of all that encompass life, to create order as the civil structure of things, that’s not done through violence or by destructive means, it’s quite necessary for a man to do what’s best for all, that gives life to all, as a woman birth life for all, that we should all live life comfortably and equally, and ask questions frequently to understand the depth of me, as you, as all, as life in this reality, because presently we’re living life as a fallacy, that can and will change once “Man know thyself”, that’s not just limited to, but everyone else.

To be continued…

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