Day 711: A Momentary Lapse in Judgement

Where there for a moment I forgot that this that I’m seeing (Person/Place/thing) and/or facing is me in fact and therefore compared it to a perceived projected idea of what I’m looking at, through the eyes of the mind, that has distorted my perception of what I’m visualizing, and so initially judged it, which only became a lapse after interacting with and/or facing the situation that’s in front of me now, that I fell back into a memory of what I once perceived the same thing to be, then realized it/them to be totally different than what I perceived them/it to be like, brought to you courtesy of the societal information I’ve accumulated and stored within and as me for so long. that if it looks a certain way then it must be and so judged as such, which is a momentary lapse in judgement.

Not cool by any means if you ask me, but whose asking when all we’re doing is judging/realizing, then saying “I’m sorry, I misjudged you” afterwards and that’s it, that should be a wakeup call to seeing how the same is being done unto us, by ourselves and then at times from another, which is really them judging themselves and have nothing to do with you, but could happen in a split second, because, I’ve automated this pattern within me, taking things for face bases and assuming it to be the face that I’m seeing, let me tell it, and been telling myself for the longest to stop judging a book by its cover and covering it up the fact that I misjudged it, without reading it first or getting to know them and unconditionally interacting with them, which includes accepting them as who they are, because we’re in each other’s presence right now.

And funny how even before coming up to someone we judge them, but blame it on our intuition and if we’re paying the institution of the mind a tuition fee to direct us to the best possible outcome, that keeps us stuck in our shells, that only comes out when facing hard times and that’s when s*** gets real, with no time to judge anyone because what we’re now facing takes precedence and so spend too much time judging ourselves.

Lapse meaning, I’ve done this before and came back around the track to do it again, but don’t see how I’ve been going in circles this whole time, trying to connect with different circles of people, but end up judging them, thinking that I don’t fit in, without stepping one foot in the circle (group) to see what it is all about.

In essence a long-stretched judgement in secret that no one can see but me, perpetuated behind the keyboard and at times across Seas Anonymously, without realizing that at some point Ima have to take responsibility for this momentary lapse and perhaps apologies when reading and seeing the facts about something I wasn’t sure about in the first place and so judged, is what we have accepted as a form of criticism in social media, that may be critical to our well-being.

Therefore, would you say that this Momentary lapse in Judgement could perhaps be a point to take self-responsibility for, and so is, in lesson stop using a self-creative moment to judge, what I/we don’t know about and/or assume something to be, because 10 times out of 10 it’s not, when any form of judgement comes into play.

Correction = I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have a momentary lapse in judgement when seeing something familiar that I already hold an image in my mind about and assume it to be the same, then after interacting with it, realize that my assumption/judgement was absolutely incorrect, but never took the next moment to properly correct myself for the point of this judgement, and so found myself going laps around in the circle of life, repeating the same ole thing of judging every “book” (I’ve came across) by its cover, which is ironic because for most part, I don’t even read books, that shows that I have judged the life that I’m living, that I’m now taking responsibility for to change this judgement of me. And so, take responsibility for every point of judgement I have perpetuated onto/towards other, that has always been about me.

That way introspection is done and externalizing our own self-doubts onto others is rectified, meaning to re-clarify the life I want to live to/for myself, that can be seen by others in our worlds, from hence forth.

Thanks for reading.

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