Day 707: A Self-Analyzing Perspective

Being that we’re so analytical sometimes can reach a tipping point, where in a moment of correction, self-correction that is, we tend to go in and pick apart what we have just told our Self, i.e. “This is too much, No I stop”, then repeating the same thing over in our minds of what we just said to ourselves, after the moment of saying it, as if to antagonize our Self and analyze the realization, which can be a bit much, but engrained within and as us as far back as I can remember (when looking at it), not realizing that this same analyzation is the same that we use when projected towards others, that has corrupted our relationships with each other, in a society that’s separated to the extreme, mind you self-analyzation is not a bad thing, but to repeat over in our minds what we’ve just said to ourselves, as in checking ourselves after we’ve corrected ourselves, is where the problem lies, because in this checking, it lead to other thoughts and backchat towards self, in a subtle way, like saying in our minds, “I know” afterward, which is also a form backchat, believe I or not, I mean I’ve found myself doing this quite a few times, then ask myself, why am I repeating the same thing back to myself that I just said, like a broken record of antagonization, antagonizing the placement or stance I’ve just taken?

The answer lies within the point of still being too analytical towards others in our world/my world, especially in those subtle instances, that can easily go unnoticed, when saying things like; “Why don’t you do this”, “You need to do that”, “I don’t think you need to do this”, “I think you need to do that”, then “Why did you do that” and “Why didn’t you do this”, and “You should have looked at this” or “You should have look at that”, instead of inverting these statements onto/towards ourselves, and working on ourselves as the statements in which we ask others, in which case would show that we’re living and talking about the points that we’ve walked through, instead of just making analytical statements of grandeur, thinking that we’re really helping somebody out. But analyze this, if there’s something that we’ve walked through, have been through and now living as the example of it, then it will show in our words/ways and deeds, and so picked up on by others, making the analyzation of them null in void.

So when taking it back to self, once one has checked oneself into a moment of self-realization, the repeating aspect of the mind, I find will soon stop, but again only after one has lived to stop analyzing others, and walked into living as an example of what we speak about and say to others in regards to what they’re going through that we’ve been through, that should only be mentioned after a question asked, and so is an effective way to assist and support other, without analyzing them, that would possibly strengthen the relationship we have with them, but with ourselves first and foremost in fact. And that’s all I got to say about that.

On another note the best definition I find on Self-Analyzation is best served as Self-Investigation, that would pick apart the lies within ‘An-All-Lies’ (Analyze), that includes me too, and if you’re looking down on this, include you too. So, who am I when looking at myself in the mirror of time, that lays everything out for us to see and redefine our lives one point at a time, no picking apart need, because it’s all a process of piecing ourselves back together again, from spreading ourselves too thin and being lost out there without going anywhere, trapped within the belief of Separation and Sin, but who cares –

And so, stand up for what I see that needs to fixed in my life, connected to the grid, I mean if I’m living as a system, in the system then something has to give, and so stand up for life to become life in fact, which takes me walking points like this to no longer react, and act in the repeat of myself and stop repeating myself, to get to the point of doing things right the first time for myself, and only talk about what I’m living as the correction of myself, because I’ve just Analyzed Me.

Thanks for reading.

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