Day 705: A Debating Perspective

Where the thrill is in the debate, but when a solution is talked about we often want to run away, to not see or face ourselves as the solution in fact, because that would mean that we’re the problem, and would rather act as if we don’t know anything and there is no way to know or find out, plus if the real truth is known, there would be nothing else to talk about, so let’s just debate about it, as if to compare whose apple is the reddest, when there’s green pears on the other side of the fence that’s more sweeter, so to speak, but don’t want to go get them, (in essence not wanting to hear) out of the fear that something bad would happen, and that something bad in this case is, losing my ability to interest self into continuing to follow my free will, because I’m enjoying the sideshow.

From family conversations and debates growing up, to High School debating teams and being told that you’re a good talker, into believing that what you’re talking about is the truth, because of the way we word the scripts that we now got down to a science, to electoral colleges and candidates that only say thing that you want to hear, and stay away from that in which we should hear, that everything is f***** up and we all are the problem, but who wants to hear a negative speaker over the loud speaker out loud, I’d rather plug my ear, because they can’t be talking about me now, when all I want to do is to be free, but in the sense of not having to work and live life on vacation, that would vacate the promise I made to life, but don’t remember, while stuck in a splinter of a minds design, and listening to my mind saying that everything’s fine, and all we have to do is keep kicking the ball back and forth, and keep debating until the problem sorts itself out, like putting a band aide on a broken arm that’s the long arm of the Law, to giving us the watered down version, as things that I’ve seen thus far.

But it’s not about those in power, it’s easy to blame the establishment, instead of establishing a solid foundation for self to live in, meaning seeing within oneself what needs to be fixed and fixing the problem that we’ve created and only debated about, as their problem, a preliminary point of blame that’s hateful in fact, because what I realized is that in order to act out the hate you have to blame someone first, that’s why we like the idea of having someone in control, so when the s*** hits the fan, God bless their soul, it’s better them than me is our mentality, where conversations like this is not discussed, but casually pushed aside whenever it comes up, with the claim of being overwhelmed, I wasn’t looking for help like that, that’s too much to think about, I’m not ready for that, which in some cases may be true, but who’s really saying that, is it your mind or you on “A Debating Perspective?

Thanks for reading.

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