Day 702: An Abandoning Perspective

The question is, where are we, when looking to others and making the statement of, “You weren’t there for me, when I needed you the most”, preluded by the silence of expectations, with null to no mention to what’s need when one is going through/walking through a point in one’s life, and if told, wholeheartedly believing the this person should and will be there for us, because of what we’ve been through with them in the past, that’s passed tense, but brought up as a subjective owed favor of sorts, without considering the self-responsibility in it all, therefore we feel abandoned by them, while abandoning the point of ultimately being responsible for the personality we’ve created that surrounds it all.

Then take our own fall personally, through victimization and powerlessness, that’s a cowered kiss to not standing up after the point of falling, because, “I’ve been thinking too much”, that’s shunned upon when one is told that, but only comes into fruition when one realizes it, own it and look forward to changing it, before consequences by way of pain expedites the process of self-correction because this is too intense to bare, i.e. in the form of a tooth ache and stopped up ear, that screams we’ve become emotion and don’t want to hear it, but stay there within the cup of blame, with the claim that you’ve abandon me and should be ashamed.

Where in any type of relationship can be a game changer, when self-interest comes into play, with the feeling of despair used to boost one’s ego and bruise that of another, which ways heavy on their minds, until we get an “I’m sorry” and our way with them for a period of time, that’s short lived for a period of time, until they’ve had enough of being in the “Dog house” and come out biting and fight against the fact of making a mistake and that’s that.

Unless it was intentional and meant to hurt you, then you’ll know because they’ll be gone, then the word abandoned would be in the lyrics of every song we sing, until you realize ‘what the hell was I thinking’ to wrap myself up in A-Band-of-Mess, when I meant to get attention, but wasn’t attending to my self-responsibility and relationship and now the ship has sailed away and left me all alone.

I mean that’s why it’s so important to get to know yourself to see that I’m responsible for myself, because when you’re faced with a problem you’ve created by yourself and all else fails and nobody’s around, we tend to become down on ourselves, believing that we’ve been abandoned by everyone else, and if it’s really true you need to run away too, and find real friends that’s compliable to you and your process of self-change, that’s compliable to the way we see things, because we did this to our Self.

Thanks for reading.


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