Day 700: This is Me pt.3

Continuing from Day 699: Is This Me pt.2

At a milestone of 700, in which I wouldn’t believe that I would make it this far, if you would have told me back then when I really first started, being that my track record shows that I never made it to far, because it was like I was trying to drive without wheels on a car, that didn’t go no where because the messages weren’t real, but only incited a discussion and debated in fear, being that we like to talk about things that we don’t know, and in the end look at each other like I really don’t know, so one thing after another I started and quitted it, and started and quitted it, until I got sick of it, but kept the search go on without giving up, on Me even when it felt like that I was stuck, and couldn’t find my way up so just laid there for a while, like laying in a pile of leaves when I was a child, looking up to the sky with a smile on my face, until reality came and smacked Me dead in the face, telling Me you’re not done and have no time to waste, so get to it life awaits you in the end, which is a New beginning of a New world my friend, with you and all Life in it, in which will take a process to achieve, so get up, stand up and wipe off your knees and start walking.

I’ve become partial to praise now and really don’t want to hear it, and even if it’s genuine I still don’t want to hear it, because of the old pattern I existed as, that I now need to let go, with the rest of my past unconditionally for sure, and condition Me to stand as who I am now, to accept it when it’s real and investigate when it’s not, to stop the energy behind this acceptance and just be, to live responsibly as only the real Me can, and Man up when the thought comes up that I can’t.

This is Me, but at times it seems hard to be that, being that I have given mind a direct pass, unconsciously, while consciously following the thoughts around, that I’m worthless and useless, then tell myself man these thoughts are useless, when the true is, I’ve been down that road before, that lead me to Here and back at the same door of being bored to deaf of repeating the same thing, like repeating the same mantra and waiting for a feeling that’ll never comes, then experience the placebo effect, as if I did something that had a positive affect on my life, that only really caused me strife and longsuffering, while asking myself “This is Me right”? but it wasn’t and only create negativity in my Life, while the real Me I just pushed and shoved aside, that would eventually come to the forefront and show itself right now, because all I’ve working on is Me right now.

I’ve stopped trying to change others and started changing myself, so others can look in and see that I’m changing myself and do the same, then this world will change for the better, with No bets to be made in a moment of being clever, but whether or not you change Ima stand my ground, right next to you equally and share Me frequently, as an example of what changing you can do, but don’t get Me wrong, I’m still changing Me too, to reach my utmost potential, that’s still a bit of a blur right now, but only when I get to it I’ll show you how, but for now I really really, got work to do, because This is Me and this Me is not about you or against you, so thanks for reading and self-forgiveness to come, as a correction to the new Me, before it’s all said and done.

To be continued…

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