Day 696: The Devil is in the Details

What you don’t see, but eventually will see, is the devil in you and the devil in me, because of the way we lived, brushed aside and swept under the rug, has now piled up into a pile of crud, that in the moment of enacting, may have housed cruel intentions, where the mere mention of what we’ve done may cause one to cringe, but only we know the details to what’s so hard for us to see, thing is once known, will we then take self-responsibility and correct it, nobody has to know so by all means don’t put yourself on blast, just be self-honest with yourself when correcting your past, to get to the point where one is changing at last, that can be seen by others, that they’re changing fast.

They say the devil is in the details, but no one want’s to tell you what it is, because of it being a slogan that no one has lived, except when the details can make you a lot of money, I mean everybody wants to live in the land of milk and honey, but no one want’s to share this land equally with all, I mean they fall, you fall, I fall, and we all fall and that’s all she wrote folks, to seeing this world as one big joke, to poking holes at and within it, to sinking deeper into our devious intentions and way, to dealing with only what we can save for ourselves and leave the scraps for the rest, not considering that the details is in what we just left.

They say the devil is in the details, but who really reads the fine print, when all that’s really longed for is the energy within it, to attaining this energy, then saying money well spent, while in the midst of forgetting about common sense, that in a short time this product will break like everything else, that we then place as another trinket on our shelf, next to all the other stuff we’ve missed the details in, then claim that the devil is the catapult to our sins, but really though when we’ve just reversed the word lived, and blamed the devil instead of learning how to self-forgive.

If the details got the devil in them, then we haven’t lived life, but deviled in spite our whole damned life, claiming that if they’re wrong I must be right, but who cares about the details if all we do is fight over which way to look at it, with a thousand different perspectives, instead of coming to one accord by doing introspection, and of course it’s best to be detailed in what you do, which can be done without the devil coming out of you., just to blow things out of proportion, instead of playing with fine tune, where a two week project would probably take you to June or July all because of the energetic high of wanting to be seen as the show off type, then thinking about it too much into procrastination and prolonging into telling ourselves I’m just being detail when everything is going wrong, because the word detailed has become an excuse to take our time, and the devil comes in when being directed by our mind, so yes there is a fine line between the details and the devil, and that fine line is the way we chose to tell it, and look at it and sort it out, to be detailed in fact, but by all means don’t get stuck between the crack of being detailed and over doing it to knowing that you blew it, but to slow down and breath, then move through it like fluid to get things done. So, the word play of the day is to have fun when being detailed and leave the devil out of it, to be able to walk through with ease all sorts of problems.

Thanks for reading.

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