Day 694: A Resisting Perspective

That for some reason we don’t feel like doing in the moment, with the excuse/justification looming in the background to push it off until later, that’s a procrastinators dream words, while promising to ourselves that I’ll get to it, you just watch, wait and see, to seeing the next day that nothing ever got done, because I was lazy, which is easy to do when it’s related to only me and you, but for someone else it’s always a different story.

But will still look for ways to get around it if we can, like washing the dishes and leaving the pots and pan, because I didn’t want to scrub them in the moment, so I just let them soak which is easier for the grease to come undone over time, but still a point of resistance that I’m fine with, that little by little soaks up my time quick, to not having enough time for myself later, than later do the same thing again, to resisting the point of having resistance and then when finished, telling ourselves, I could have done this a long time ago, I mean where have all the time gone that I need right now.

Which brings up the point of accumulated resistance (time), where if we were to look back at all the time we’ve delegate to the point of resistance, throughout our lives, I’m sure it would add up to all the time we wish you had right now, in a moment of being sad, that I’m not going to be able to finish this in the time I have, and interesting the design of it that’s so perfectly place, I mean the resistance we face, really takes up extra space in our lives, until it’s walked through and realized to be that something extra that we can do without, that would change our perspective on life, without a doubt.

And pouting within the belief that I have no energy, but the energy that I needed I resisted completely to staying in my ways of self-judgement and empathy, to simply not doing anything at all, until the last moment in the midst of a fall that never fails, because I’m now seeing it all, to standing tall and getting back on track again, but am I too late, because even when I’m done it’s still a moment I waste, and end up resisting to even face and correct, although it comes up as a past reflection, no need for missed opportunities and a moment of self-direction, but to instead take self-responsibility.

What I realize is that when sitting down and jumping right into it, the point of resistance seems to diminish, dissipates and fade away into the back ground and the more I continue the easier it get, to getting it done without putting much thought into it, and then rinse and repeat every time this resistance comes as a point to defeat, to stay consistent and meekly walk through it throughout your day, keeping in mind that the word play of the day is to create space in your life, by facing and walking through the point of resistance today.

Thanks for reading.


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