Day 693: The Skinny in Stress

Feeling that the world is going to end, because things are not going our way, is detrimental to oneself when walking down a highway of emotions, to swimming in an ocean of feeling, simply because the love potion I took with someone is wearing off, because they don’t like me anymore, so I’m just going to sit back and eat ice cream and stream love videos until I cry myself to sleep, because when I’m dreaming I don’t think, but wake up in the morning, just to sink deeper into this depressive state, but wait , I forgot to eat and now I’m skinny, to being a mini version of me, with plenty of room for growth and expansion, but let me tell it, I’m living in a mansion, in my mind and all is fine, I’ll just keep suppressing the point of stressing and have huge breakdowns, instead of confessing to someone what’s really going on with me.

I mean don’t I look good now, I got a model body, but can’t hold myself up hardly, because everytime I do, I think of what has already happen, then go back into what happened in my mind, in search of what I did wrong and could have change, instead of changing me at this point and time, I mean it’s should be a crime what we put our bodies through when stressing, where we start erasing substance from our own physical flesh, instead of seeing the lesson in it all.

When you think about it stressing is such a skinny Idea, but accepted as an acceptable phenomenon, like how many times you’ve heard someone in your world saying “I’m stressing”, and we accept it as a point to be ok with, as the nonacceptance of responsibility, because you’re stressing me out, so stop stressing me out, can’t you see, I’m getting skinny., but no one wants to hear this, because how dare you tell me I’m not allowed to stress, where in some casing they might say that the right amount of stress is health that keeps you on our toes, but fuck that, if you look back at what you’re going through with the pain of uncontrollably crying, like lying to yourself out loud, I feel like die, because I can’t make it stop, is the point where all one has to do is to say stop and mean it and it will, for most part, for enough time for introspection to take place to take a commanding role in the face of you, and this perceived problem, to solving it with no problem.

We tend to blow things out of proportion at time, then believe the portion we blew into a hug balloon, to be the size of the Goodyear blimp, then look back on it like “Oh no, how did this happen”, as we then accept the overwhelming factor of it, into being swallowed up into a stressful mind possession, when all on has to do is take a pin of a moment to investigate it and poke a hole in this ever so expanding idea and watching it deflate to being just a skinny point to resolve.

It’s easy to see how growing up, the point of stressing was only in relations to something being taken away from us, that we’ve grown attached to and so fear losing, to losing it, then getting over it in the next moment, then into thinking about other people and their perception of us, in grade school, then in to High School, into stressing about fitting in, and will I make the grade or the team, to will I get into college and how hard will it be, to wanting to make my parents proud of me, (depending on how one was raise), according to the normal societal way of being raise, but what about those who was raised in a different environment, under a different set of circumstances, with No running water, and not knowing where there next meal will come from, and so on, I mean look at it, then ask yourself, is what you’re stressing about really worth it, in consideration of the have nots, that no one wants to see, and I know it’s hard because that was me, and have to remind myself, what are you really stressing about, to seeing that we’re always one step away from solving the problem, but all we have to do is look at it first.

Simply put stress causes one not to eat or sleep and neglect ones responsibilities, to becoming sick in some case, and unbearable to those around us, to eventually giving up on life in itself, which is not an option, until one has had enough of it and decide to stand up, within the realization that I’m creating this bullshit for myself, which is a waste of time and energy, in search of some form of energy to get us out of this funk, when all one has to do is to deal with any matter as if it was a pressing problem in the moment, to not let it build into anything greater, prevention is the best cure. Therefore, one can learn about oneself and practical life skills even more, Here, a free online course that would start one into Self-Mastery, and so stopping the Skinny in Stress forever.

Thanks for reading.


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