Day 689: The Specificity in Being Specific Pt.2

Continuing for Day 688: The Specificity in Being Specific

And so, need to become obsessed with being Specific. And that’s it for now, more to come.

The obsession thereof is the specificity in being specific, where the metaphor of a life we’ve created for ourselves, comes through in our words, and so at times speak in metaphors that others can’t relate to, because they haven’t seen what we’ve seen and/or heard what we’ve heard, from someplace or someone else, (i.e. Person/Movie/Advertisement/Environment etc.) that stuck with us, and now use as a defining factor to what we’re trying to get across to the other person, I mean I’m definitely guilty of this more so in my past when wanting to sound like I knew what I was talking about, but couldn’t explain it specifically, because I didn’t do the research on it, and at the same time, didn’t want to be seen as not knowing much about what was being discussed, in my interaction with other people.

Then you have purposefully unspecifying things when talking to other, because we’re unsure as to what response we’ll get from them, according to the hint we’re giving, which Is more related to Hinting towards something, to someone I would say, that we define as testing the waters so to speak, instead of saying exactly what it is that we’re looking for, therefore our perception of an answer not given, dictates the structure/selection and placement of our words, which is far from being specific, to the point of giving a “questioned answer” such as; “You know what I mean”!, but still don’t say what it is that we really mean.

It’s also interesting how we at times, take it upon ourselves to not say certain things to people in our worlds, in the belief that we know what’s best for them, mostly with children, where instead of being specific in answering what their asking about, we tell them things like; “You’re not old enough to know” and “When you get older, I’ll tell you, but for now get that crap out of your mind”, and/or “Get out of here boy, don’t you see grown folks are talking”, which always made me wonder even more what they were talking about, thinking they’re talking about me, (and that’s where we get that from). And also, why kids grow up, not knowing how to control themselves, because things like ‘the birds and the bees’ are not explained correctly and/or at all in some households, in which case mistakes are made, and many more.

But we get it from our parents and they get it from their parent and depending on the environment in which we’re raised, determine what we know/how much we know, and how much we’re able to say to someone, before we go into just winging it, (making it up as we go along), which brings us back to the point of not being specific and not listening to what being said, but judging it in our head as a point to debunk or trump.

Which opens the door for not hearing specifically, unconditionally, where selective hearing comes into play and the words; “I thought you said”…, comes up in hindsight of now seeing what was really meant behind the words that was said, and taken a different way, to believing our version of it, and spreading it around, which is one way disinformation and gossip is created, laid out, told and spread throughout our worlds, where separation is then born, because now two people that don’t even know each other, are pitted against each other, because of the word of another, who didn’t hear specifically what was told to them by one or the other persons, but took it upon themselves to say what they thought they heard in their own way, where now, if so happen these two people meet, there’s already somewhat of an unspoken disconnect between them, because of what one has heard about the other, while the real culprit (within it all) has gone about their way and onto corrupting the next persons business and day.

Addons within the chain of specificity is self-interest based, where one would seize the moment of attention given, when telling others about a time/experience they had with someone, in the belief that they’ll get a greater response to what they’re saying, by pumping up what really happened, instead of sticking to the specifics of what really happened, which has now turned into a big fat lie, although the bases to what’s being said is the truth, but yet and still we’ll leave it at that without checking ourselves, being self-honest with ourselves and correcting the mishap we’ve just created for ourselves and direct it towards others

But would rather walk around elated that we made other laugh, if that’s the case, but in any case, need to and should be corrected, before the accumulation of consequences comes into play and set in, to disrupting the normality of our everyday life. And thus, the need to be specific.

– more to come.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Day 689: The Specificity in Being Specific Pt.2

  1. mzew233 says:

    Speaking of specificity. I want a fucking picture perfect picture of my entire body, family, surroundings, house, and siblings in full detail from your fucking portal before I leave this body. Or I will bring HELL with me. Im waiting

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