Day 688: The Specificity in Being Specific

Specifically speaking is not only reserved for teachers and teaching, like beating around the bush is reserved for preachers when preaching an ether of a message that knocks you right out of yourself, off balance and away from expressing the talent of being Here, but for all to be clear about what’s really going on in one another’s life and the life we have to live right Here on this planet.

Different people from different walks of life, that speaks different languages, with different slangs, that all means the same thing, for most part have somewhat of a time communicating with one another, unless the commonality is within one language they both speak, but at times still seek clarity within the context from which the words is placed and said, that for a moment boggles one’s head, into pondering what do they really mean, that may be why one would experience a moment of silence after a joke was said and not seen by the other person.

Rehearsing and/or reciting scripts to say, if not done in person can be taken the wrong way, where one has preempted a conversation before it actually happen and have created answer for questions not asked, but assumed will be with no specificity on a potential topic that would be discussed, and so therefore we end up manipulating the conversation to go our way and in a rush, according to the answers we came up with yesterday, that for most part causes a fuss between us and the person we’re communicating with.

And if one wants to be accepted but have nothing to say, will say just about anything to see an eyebrow raised, which usually end up being about what someone else has done, in the attempt to make fun of what this person has done, which may not be in the context with what’s being talked about, and so now the interruption will be talked about, like what do you mean, and taken the wrong way, and now have to explain the nature of your ways, that raises questions about you even being there, within a group of friend and what you had to share, all because we weren’t specific in what we had to say.

At times it really doesn’t hurt to live “mums the word”, if what we say may sound absurd, I mean we should just sit back and observe, then talk about what we ‘ve lived and learned, where the specifics in who you are will shine through, that way everyone present will understand you, because who really want’s their words mixed and jumbled up, to being fumbled up and said the wrong way, that comes back to you in a different word play, where you then look at it and have to say, “I didn’t say that you must be crazy”, that can be misconstrued as a point of being lazy, because we didn’t take the time to be specific in what we said that’s now all hazy and unclear to someone you may respect, and in a way hold dear when walking your process, and so need to become obsessed with being Specific. And that’s it for now, more to come.

Thanks for reading.

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