Day 687: Staying within the Energy of a Moment

Happy times and realizations created, to praise given for something said or did, spawns the excitement we get, at the moment received/realized, that we then take with us, run with and want to relive and replay over and over again, and again as if it ‘ll never happen again, and that’s all I got and that’s all there is, and this is the type of energy I like to stay within, to I can’t top that, Ima hard act to follow, oh so how we down ourselves in sorrow when taking it into tomorrow, and when tomorrow comes we miss out on a new moment of inspiration, by waiting on the same thing to happen again.

Where if the energy is left within the moment, makes room for self-expansion and the enhancement of ourselves, to becoming a better self, to being that better self, to living a better life, to living every moment within breath outside the energy that arises, which creates a better awareness of all that is me, as all that is life, to all that I see and take responsibility for, to all that I’ve become and taking responsibility for, that cannot be achieved, if I’m staying within the energy of a moment that’s already passed me.

What’s then said is; “I wish that I can be this person all of the time, and receive praises like this all of the time, but if ‘all of the time’ was a way to live, I would be living in time, and on time Here, all of the time, living outside of any fear, outside of being attach to what I hold dear, and close to me as material possessions and stressing if I don’t have someone else’s blessing, on the things I do I’m apt to second guessing myself too, I really need to trust myself, what about you, instead of staying within the energy of a moment past due.

Point being when one has gotten so used to not being appreciated and pushed aside as if one wasn’t really a part of things, when one finally experience a moment of acceptance, unexpectedly from others, in a way of thankfulness for sharing oneself within the process one has walked thus far, it’s easy to become attached to it, and attach a positive energetic feeling to it, and want to stay within the energy of this moment, way after the moment is done, I mean it takes time for one to become comfortable with the Idea of unobstructed real time acceptance, that’s real all the time and not just for a few second.

I mean I wish this moment could last forever, and forever and it can, where there’ll be more moments like this, if one just stand and keep standing, to be Here in the moment and own it as an expression of me, outside of trying to please, but to do it all for myself, because it’s who I am now, no more looking for acceptance or waiting for fake smiles, as a sign of acceptance for all to see, which is still based in energy that we now call synergy, because I’m starting to feel it internally flowing through me, which is not cool.

So what’s required is the use of these tools; where Self-Honesty comes into play and Writing does wonders, then followed by Self-Forgiveness, to stop the ponder, what if’s and assumptions, but not quite done, to what will I do if this pattern arises again, that’s “When and as I see myself”… Corrective Statements into Application, then applying it to your life as a Corrective Living style, to living one’s utmost potential, Here and Now, to no longer accepting and allowing myself to continue to bow down to my mind, but to live within the parameters of one moment at a time, without taking the energy of it into the next.

Thanks for Reading.

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