Day 685: Push Your Buttons

Only if the starting point from which you are attempting to explain things isn’t clear to you, meaning you are Not the living expression of what you’re talking about, can others push your buttons, simply because you’re fighting with yourself to explain something you’re Not living 100% and it’s evident to the person you’re trying to explain it to, and they’ll run with it, because they’ve been waiting for this, the opportunity to debunk anything you say, and now that it’s come, they’re going to pounce all over it, where one then become frustrated and react to them, after telling them that they shouldn’t react to the things others do or say, lol, then get the response, (In a way) of; “How is that working out for you”.

I mean, we’re dealing with a system that is us, that we can’t fight or walk away from, but must face, especially being that of a family member, boss or close friend in some cases, where we all have different ideas, understandings and perspective about an array of things, and have become adamant with sticking to our guns about what we know/think we know, so it’s imperative to live what you know, that way when tested, through the selection of getting your buttons pushed, the reactor doesn’t come on.

And stay on point, to not follow the jumping bean of a thought around, as the changing of subjects, that subject us to having our buttons pushed, as our minds is always looking for ways to get out of a jam and put you in it, point is we accept and allow our self-behavior, while trying to play savior and earn a favor from who we’re attempting to save, out of self-interest, that at times backfires, and creates a fire in us after things don’t pan out and we get our buttons pushed, where we shove out a reaction, instead of swallowing our pride, in admitting to ourselves what we didn’t do right, and spite sets in and start thinking in our head nasty ass thoughts, like I wish something would fall on their head and wake them up and set them straight, and in the end we end up getting a head ache.

On the other hand, the fascination of wanting to win in a conversation when something is asked and/or talked about, is where the claim of “my answer is the best” comes into play, and if all else fails, “It works for me”, so I’m going to push your button to make you see, and will say just about anything to belittle the other person which is belittling me, that can get personal at times, which creates a battle between two minds that’s working on the same page, while our beingness is not, and have taken a back seat to relax and watch this destructive interaction we think is who we are.

This initial uncontrollable feat is controllable in a sense, that we know exactly what we’re doing and/or getting ourselves into, hence the adamancy of rush, trying to hurry up and get across what we’re saying to not being noticed that I’m full of shit, where having your buttons pushed is then what you get.

But then you have others who can’t stand to be in disarray alone, and so look for company to not be in it alone, and will push your buttons in order for you to react, that becomes sort of a release mechanism as a sigh of relief, when all they really want to do is talk about it with someone, but don’t know how to speak up son, but let our minds take the leading role, and now you both have something in common to talk about.

Interesting how we allow this to happen to us in our worlds without realizing it, that sticks with us, to be used in our worlds toward others, when we’re feeling down and out, to pointing out the next persons flaws and infidelities as a remedy to not facing our own, which can really only happen if you know a bit about the person, outside of things being just a rumor, and if it doesn’t work we then try injecting humor into the conversation to suppress what we’re facing even more, that’s then stored in our flesh, that could create skin sores or better yet create aging lines, and wonder why we’re getting old throughout time, which is by design because we forgot to take self-responsibility on our own, but would rather “Push Your Buttons” than leave you alone.

Therefore, the nonacceptance of such interaction is the key to allowing a person to take responsibility for themselves, but if we fall victim to it, we’re enabling them to continue down this destructive path, and so, headed for self-destruction, which require the correction of;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to participate in a destructive interaction with someone in my world who I allowed to push my buttons and reacted to it, without realizing that my reaction was the enablement/validation needed for them to continue down this destructive path, instead of gifting them with the key to self-responsibility, as my nonacceptance of self-involvement within such a matter. And so, within that and on the other hand, I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to involve myself back into a self-destructive behavior pattern, I’ve walked through, but fell victim to, with a starting point (within a conversation) of wanting to make a point, that I wasn’t completely living as an expression of myself and so ended up reacting to getting my buttons pushed.

And for the button pushers; I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to push others buttons, simply because, I am/was feeling a certain way within and as me, that I didn’t want to face and take responsibility for, in my world on my own, but felt the need to invite company to my pity party, through pushing their buttons. And so on and so forth until all is corrected.

Thanks for reading.

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